Joseph Marker

For this week’s surprise, Joseph Marco tops the charts with his nude photo. It’s a little treat, as the hunky actor celebrates his showbiz birthday (33 years old) literally in his birthday suit. He looks old IMHO but any naked actor, showing flesh and sweat is most welcome in this thirsty site.

33 thoughts on “Joseph Marker”

    1. Natawa ako sa tuyot… Hehe! Oo nga,, when I was young, I like older men,, pa-effect, legal wife ako, romansa, relasy0n,, now that MAJONDA na,, gusto ko BAGETS, yung MALAMAN,, MAKINIS,, FRESH na FRESH! No longer for a relationship,, tikim tikim,, sawa sawa nalang… Hahaha! Haaaay lifing…

  1. Anyare? Bakit sobrang tanda tignan for a 33 years old? Angle at lighting ba ito? Anyways, sarap pa din chupain.

  2. Rd pa feature din si John Estrada or if any exclusives that you have. Ansarap niya lang sa ig story niya now where he took a photo of him taking a shower naked behind the silhouette door. check mo if pwede ma filter kung may vpl hihi. Thanks Rd and more power.

  3. Nakita ko to sa BGC last week. Sobrang hot! Malayo sa ichura nya dyan sa pic. Feeling ko sa filter lang yan kaya nagkaganyan mukha nya dyan. Pero in real life, oozing with hotness sya.

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