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Lex Bonife of the Antonio and Parola movies, sends the photo above and writes:  From the makers of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” and “Ang Lalake sa Parola” comes a heartwarming story about four gay men , their friendship and a road trip that will change their lives forever.  Kambyo stars Kenjie Garcia [of Antonio], Rayan Dulay [Duda, Moreno, Bath House], Harold Macasero [I think he is that guy from the 90s afternoon soap of GMA 7, Anna Karenina], and the Provoq guys Johnron Tanada and Gabz del Rosario.  Screenplay is by Lex Bonife and Direction is by Jay Altarejos.  Lex says that he does not want to announce the schedule yet as they are not done with the editing. The target date for the premiere is June.  So there! By the way, that’s Johnron Tanada in the photo.
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  1. IS THE UNCUT VERSION OF ANTONIO OUT ON DVD YET? i am so anxiously awaiting its release (both on the black & orig markets here in the USA). fell in love with the movie when i saw it on its first day showing at robinson’s manila, even tho they only showed the cut version. OH WHEN, OH WHEN shall i be blessed to see the full uncut version?

  2. I bought Climax hoping to see Johnron’s armpits at hindi ako binigo ng mag na yon. Meron din akong Hubad at naelya-elya ako sa kilikili ni Johnron.

    Hay, Johnron, in love ako sa kilikili mo!

    Thanks, RD!


  3. i’m sure this movie is a must-seen like its predecessors.can’t wait to see it.
    Oh that’s lex bonife?I’m an avid fan of your films.More power to you!
    Thanks RD for the updates!

  4. Anonymous: I think the one (Ang Lihim ni Antonio) that is on youtube is an uncut version, isn’t it?

  5. Unfortunately, the Uncut version of “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” will never be released as it has been x rated by the MTRCB.

    The one uploaded in the youtube was just slightly longer than the cinema release 🙂

  6. Lex, does it mean that there’s no other way we can see the uncut version? Regards. Thanks RD.

  7. Sabi ni Lex, “The Uncut version of ‘Ang Lihim ni Antonio’ will never be released as it has been x rated.” Sino bang mga bruhang matatanda at nakababatang ipokrito sa MTRCB ang nag-X niyan? Pero teka, ang alam ko, pag-inex, hindi pwedeng i-release, movie man o video. Maaaring inex, pero para ma-release, pumayag ang producers na magputol. Hayun naman pala.

  8. Thanks indeed for this update. Not only because of Johnron that I will watch this movie, it’s as well as the makers. I have seen Lex Bonife’s Antonio and Parola. They are both beautifully made. The story is the story of so many gay Filipinos that they can relate to. Maganda lagi ang location and they dont show what is ugly in the country. More Power Lex. I hope you will make more movies and you will use Jonnron as one of your actors better yet as the lead actor. Can you come out with the original director’s cut on DVD of Antonio? Of course they cant be shown publicly but only on DVD. Thank you once again.

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