Marimar Again on TV [plus Jestoni Alarcon]

by: rddantes August 17, 2007 | 4 Comments |

When I was younger, I needed something to be obsessed over so I turned to the soaps on local channel tv. I’m thinking about it now, and the only reason I can validate is that probably I needed something to satisfy my closet drama queen – ego. I remember watching the Judy Anns and Claudines slugging Life out in the celluloid closet full of intrigues, backstabbing, cliches, and a despicable actor who went by the name of Gladys. My friends whose idea of a soap would have to be Days of our Lives or General Hospital back then, seriously snubbed Filipino tear-jerker soaps, so I naturally kept things to myself [except to our eager-beaver maid at the time] – anticipating the next episodes with a certain thrill. Then came the Mexican soap Marimar, which introduced the concept of a fast-paced telenovela to Filipino audiences. It was a phenomenal hit, as everyone went apeshit over the show – even my friends. That was ages ago. Recently, with my obsession over soaps a thing of the past, GMA 7 once again revived Marimar and made it a Filipino-language-and -cast show. I watched the pilot episode out of interest, and saw that it was, say, good – with a Spanish mestiza in the lead [Marian Rivera] and a miscast Sergio [Dingdong Dantes]. And of course, the father of Marimar there is played by the dishy Jestoni Alarcon [photos above]. Despite his age, Jestoni is still eye-candy, and an awesome actor. Now, if only I can snap out of this soap-opera neurosis again. Darn.
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4 Comments on "Marimar Again on TV [plus Jestoni Alarcon]"

  1. Anonymous says:

    more pics of actors from the 70s and 80s please. thanks.

  2. rester says:

    hi. could you post more of jestoni’s picture? he’s still the hottest man in town.

  3. J says:

    RD! What about Jiggs Garcia?

  4. Russell says:

    Finally! Jestoni Alarcon! Unlike a lot of those who get older, he’s gotten so much better-looking. More pics, please!

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