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Mike Tan in X-Ray Calendar!

Hot and hairy Mike Tan [Jan Michael S. Tan in the real world] is droolworthy in the 2008 X-Ray Calendar Magazine, as he gets caught in brassy poses in numerous spreads. To see more of the 20-year-old winner of GMA 7’s Starstruck 2 , grab a copy of the calendar magazine at CV Magazines in Landmark Makati or at any Booksale outlet in the metro. For those embarrassed to buy a large calendar [it is the size of two ordinary magazines put side by side] with naked men, the friendly staff at CV Magazines in Landmark can cover it up for you in plain paper, or Booksale personnel can discreetly wrap it in two white plastic bags.
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  1. Mike has always had that quiet beauty, chinito and kinda gentle. It is obvious in the picture from the head down to the chest. However, below the chest, hindi na maganda. Maybe it’s the photographic angle or the pose. Naka-slouch siya kaya parang walang tummy. To make matters worse, the briefs and the crotch seem to complement the untidy appearance of his limbs. He should have worn immaculate white undergarment. The hirsute legs, to be honest about it, look dirty and unsightly. No wonder why some guys especially poets (kahit na bakla pa sila)would wax rhapsodic about the gracefully curvy lines of a Venus, iyung makinis.
    Show us a gorgeous man who has graceful masculine physique, or at least one that is photographed well, at matatalo si Marilyn Monroe, ang diyosa ng kagandahan. Don’t get me wrong; Mike Tan is Adonis enough, chest up.
    Still can anybody give me directions to Landmark.

  2. i would like to assume that the “dirty” lower portion aspect was a strategy to give him more character. though i agree that a “cleaner” look would have complemented further his boyish innocent look. but gosh, the best was the last page. a shot with him showing a very innocent yet teasing look and undies pulled down on front to reveal a substantial amount of his fine, looks-like-fresh-smelling pubes! grabe!

  3. Anyone with a very kind, generous heart here who could post all the pics in the calendar in high-resolution image files…yeah, financially-wise, I can’t afford to buy the X-Ray calendar…morally-wise, I am just TOO ashamed to buy it in public…


  4. omg…guys tell more info ano ba ang makikita namin is it really worth it?? btw 375 ba yung malaking size or meron smaller format nun para mas madaling maitago.. grabe shy ako… gonna buy this at sat.. wahhh plangak sana wala masyadong tao… madami kasi na daan doon sa cv landmark pag hapon..

  5. to landmark… just take an mrt to ayala station or a bus going to ayala and walk wour way to sm makati then glorietta doon sa green part ayun landmark.. sa pag kakaalam ko iisa lang ang mag stand sa landmark at yun ay nasa 1st floor malapit sa mens wear to exit.. or opposite ng escalator going to foodcourt.. CV mag.. kita kits…

  6. itong calendar na ito is meant to be hung at the back of your closet not in your kitchen. it is the one that you look at nite after saying your Our Father & Hail Mary. needless to say it has fulfilled its goal of being 90% erotic and 10% artistic. if it sells out like hotcakes (which i am sure will)then it would have served its utility and you bet it will an annual ritual. please,,,, save your artistic charade drama for your mama.

  7. Delicious si Mike Tan! For choor mabango ang bulbulacious nya!!! ang mabuhok na legs ay mas ma-appeal for me! chaka kaya sa lalaki ang walang hair! girlash looking na pag sobrang kinis!!!

    hay naku deadma na sa mga sandamakmak na FREE LOADERS jan. kaya nalulugi ang mga gumagawa ng picture magazines dahil marami ang umaasa sa libreng scans sa net! naku baka pag nalugi ang makers ng xray hindi na sila maglabas ng bagong issue noh! heller if you can afford na mag internet every now and then, that means hindi kayo DUKHA at kaya nyong pag-ipunan ang magazine na itich noh!!

    at hindi rin excuse ang pahiya hiya na yan… vaket kayo mahihiya unless mga CLOSETA kayo! pwes eh di lumantad kayo! Kung ayaw, magtiis kayo at masuffocate kayo dyan sa loob ng closet! that’s a price you have to pay for living a lie. forever kayong masasakal sa kasinungalingan!!!!

    besides, ano namang ikakahiya nyo? hindi naman kayo makikilala ng mga salesperson unless artista kayo noh. kebs nila kung paminta or lantad kayo, care lang nila ang makabenta. It’s not like pagtsitsismisan pa kayo after your purchase eh hindi nga nila kayo kilala noh.

    If you want to see the pics, buy the magazine like the rest of us.

  8. sarap grabeh!!!! malakas ang chismax na pahada daw yang si mike tan sa sementeryo nung di pa sha kasikatan. Ang suwerti suwerti ng mga badet na yun huh! kebs na kung payatola pa sha nun at amoy majirap… bragging rights pa rin ang mahada si mike tan noh!!!!!

    Pahada naman mike please!!! i’ll do anything mahada ka lang!! …CHINGGAY!!!!!

  9. kanya kanya sigurong fetish yan, some of the viewers eh hot sa kanila ang balbon..ok naman ang pic, pinag jakulan ko to hehe…

  10. charos, nakausap ko si mike tan sa cellphone nung shinoot eto@ yummie naman. sabi ko sa kanya… alam mo binoto kita sobra sa starstruck. sabi nya sa kin… thank you PO@ sige PO ingat PO kayo!!!!


  11. tuli ba si mike tan? munghang supot. at saka walang bakat ulo? info naman kon tuli o supot. pero sarap niya, ganda nga balbon niya, pero pagsupot gada tuliin yan. laway doctor diyan. ilang taon na ba siya, magkano price niya sa x -ray para maghubad?

  12. mike tan tuli ba? parang munghang supot, walang bakat ulo ah. pagsupot sarap tuliin yan, laway doctor diyan magtuli, magkano ba price pag post nude sa x-ray, kaya ri natin bayaran para makita ang nakatago niya, kapal bulbul niya at fresh na fresh pa.

  13. I love the headshot, very Asian! Ang gwapo no! Pero yung angle ng body…ewan ko lang. He looks short here. Sana horizontal position ang angle ng kanyang body para pronounce ang kanyang height.

  14. in all mike’s stud calendar photos i have seen so far, none of them carries one with contours of his manhood. looks like he has buried his cock inside his undies, such that you can’t figure out his cockhead…
    what we see looks more like a puffed up vagina than a penis…

    that’s why i decided to buy johnron tanada’s new dvd than waste my pink peso on studs calendar…and johnron is worth it. this sexy man never fails!

  15. i’am sure ang liit ng penis ni mike at saka supot dahil walang bakat cockhead ang brief niya palagi, useless pag bulate lang guapo pa naman

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