“Palos” premieres today

The pilot telecast of ABS-CBN’s Palos will be tonight after the news program. The reason I’m watching the show is because of hunky Jake Cuenca, sexy in a black trench coat and gloves. Although I presume he won’t go shirtless in the stylish show, I’m still into it as Jake goes bright and brisk in his action scenes. Palos is an adaptation of the Alyas Palos franchise of LVN Pictures, where the main character was a slippery Jame Bond-like mercenary with state-of-the-art skills.

4 thoughts on ““Palos” premieres today”

  1. e2 ang secret ni jake. kita ko ang proff he s only 20, pinatanda nya ang edad nya. so by d tym nagmomodel sya ng brief he was only 16. o d ba yummy talaga( manamisnamis)

  2. poor jake. there’s only one comment here so far, and i understand coz rd didn’t include his bulge/crotch pics or eye-popping cocks. (in this blog, wholesome photos are ignored, or skipped). and jake’s palos is not rating well vs marimar, despite the huge promo blitz…

  3. Re Demure’s observation, as a matter of fact, not only “Palos” isn’t rating well, but the two other highly-touted shows namely “Kung Fu Kids” and “Lobo.” Compared to “Maging Sino Ka Man,” though, which got dismal 13.3% and 13.0% on Monday and Tuesday, the three new ABS-CBN shows are superhits! But compare the 3 new shows to the GMA shows: Monday–Zaido, 28.9; Kung Fu Kids, 26.6; Kamandag, 33.1; Lobo, 27.7; Marimar, 36.8; Palos, 23.6; Maging Sino Ka Man, 13.3; Tuesday–Zaido, 29.7; Kung Fu, 26.4; Kamandag, 32.8; Lobo, 27.7; Marimar, 42.8; Palos, 22.0; Maging Sino, 13.0.

    Sinimulan ng ABS-CBN ang demandahan para sirain ang credibilidad ng survey group mula nang mabigo sila sa Maging Sino Ka Man, at mangambang babagsak din ang mga bagong shows nila. Hindi ako maka-GMA o anti-ABS-CBN, gusto ko naman ang mga talents nila pareho, pero facts are facts.

    Too bad Jake’s first major role in a primetime show has turned out this way. Maybe he’s not meant to be a leading man in spite of his James Dean-like face and luscious body.

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