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DJ PadillaYou can just imagine how many requests I get almost everyday for a feature on big, big star Daniel Padilla. But he doesn’t have sexy shirtless photos just like his older brother, I would reply. So when the opportunity came, in the form of a lazing-around DJ on a river raft, I had to post right away to satisfy the countless fans this teen phenom has. In any case, if you’re in the minority (read: not an admirer), you can always refer to the side posts for sleazier posts.

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  1. Is this ‘Hot Men of the Philippines’ site? Or naging ‘Hot Lesbos of the Philippines’ na rin?

  2. I think BIG star talaga ito. Any one noticed his multiple BULGE scenes in Crazy Beautiful You movie?

  3. Rd sana marami pang mga lalaki na celebrity na naka brief lnh or naked mas magugustuhan ko itong sit na to kung magiging maganda yung Mga sikat na artisa lnh dapat

  4. Most people who commented here belong to the MINORITY (read: not an admirer). Again, MINORITY!

      1. TANGA MO GIRL! Nag THEREFORE ka na, nag CONCLUDE ka pa! Redundant na grammar mo! Pwera lang may masabing english. Aral-aral din pag may time, girl. Huwag lang sige jakol. Hahahaha!

    1. Yes and you MAJORITY are all JEJE! Lol you ain’t above us , rather the opposite! Can’t believe a JEJE entered into the abode of us DYOSA levels… Hala balik ka na lang FB at dun magwala! LOL

  5. Ewan hindi tlga ako naga gwapohan sa knya madami pa mas gwapo sa knya sa abs padilla kasi kaya sikat..kayo ba mga teh napopogian kyo sa jnya?

  6. Hala ndi naman siya “hot” ano? Tyaka anung “big,big” pinagsasabi mo RD? Eh waley nga bumakatchina eh! Kaloka!

  7. bat kaya di nagko-comment yong mga nag-request kay RD? nahiya ka kajejehan nila at the last moment? hahaha

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