A rising star

AnjoDOut of nowhere, this cute boy who goes by the name of Anjo Damiles shot to relative fame via ABS -CBN shows.  I was totally unaware of little Anjo until he gradually appeared in the afternoon shows and in the process, took his shirt off for a little sexy time (how else would you notice someone?).

Anjo31 anjo damiles1 anjo3

Of course, as with bored teenagers and young millennials, he took nearly-nekkid selfies in his crammy-clammy tiny bathroom back when he had nothing else to do, to monitor his, uh, growth. Which reminds me of that phrase: From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.

49 thoughts on “A rising star”

  1. he’s kinda cute but he needs a little more gym time for a few more bulges in the right places but i can still give him some wet kisses.

    1. Bwahahaha yun din nasa isip ko ateng! Malay mo one of these days sumali na sya sa binibini at maging 4th miss u natin lels!

  2. nako… kya nga sumikat to.
    kasi nga gngwa lahat nto pra lng sumikat
    sino kyang bklang tga dos ang humawak dto? hmm???

  3. Yung private FB nyan madami pa sexy pics na euro bakat ewan ko lang kung tinanggal na nya ngayon na artista na sya!

    1. bakla, palagay ko mas malinis pa nga ang banyo niya kesa sa bahay nio…di ba sa ilalim ng tulay kayo nakatira? kaloka ka.

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