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Let’s go slow on the dick pics first, and in the meantime go a lil bit wholesome. Today we have Tony Labrusca, who is getting hotter everyday with his social media posts. Notice how he sells himself online – shirtless, having fun, casual. It works and he’s gathered thousands of followers already. We’re waiting for the sexier shots. Soon?

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  1. I dont know but this Tony Labruska is not hot and sexy. He looks so ordinary and is not even good looking at all! What is it with this guy anyway?

    1. Knya kanyang preference lang yata yan. I find Tony Labrusca very attractive pero di ko naman type yung ibang pinopost dito lalo na yung David na hipong maputi.

  2. Yung nagsasabing ordinary looking si Tony, needs to have their eyes(and/or brains) checked! Duh, Tony is such a good-looking guy. Ang sexy kaya nya. Hotter than his dad imho.

  3. Ordinary looking. Nadadala lang sa publicity and marketing machine ng handlers niya. Nagpauto naman ang mga bakla.

  4. Paminta man di ebudbod na pra sumarap lalo gigantic sa screen at super gorgeous…ayaw nyo cge akin na sya luv u Tony L

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