30 thoughts on “Sides A and B”

  1. Wow, puhrang he is the epitome of a hot probinsyano jologs. Yung puhrang pawisan siya sa bukid pehroh bet mo pa rin icuddle. Tapos pag inamoy mo yung undies nya, puhrehoh lang ng amoy ang side a at side b. Hihi…

    1. Well it looks like you are biased RD at pinapabor mo etong lowlife na Lande. Edi dapat lang you should allow ITS bashers who are equally annoying to have their replies to ITS comments posted as well diba?

  2. Mga tanga. Ang point nung reversible ay para di mo na siya babaliktarin pag isusuot, either side is just fine.
    Palibhasa sanay kayong mga hindi nagpapalit ng underwear. Pwe! Kadiri!

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