54 thoughts on “Son Rises”

  1. Fell very far from the tree sa looks department.

    Pero very close to the tree when it comes to sexuality lels.

  2. This thick eyebrows look good on him unlike his previous chola-like kilay!

    but mukha pa ding unggoy talaga, hot unggoy naman,

    At the end of the day, ang tite ay tite at isusubo pa din.

    1. 8:08
      The entitlement and your slur are just evil. I am sure ikaw yung tipong nauuna to cry foul and yet the first one also to spew slurs.

      Kadiri ka bakla. 2021 an ganyan ka pa ding mag-isip.

  3. If there is sufficient gradient, the fruit will end up far from the tree…
    … Or if flood/current carry it away.

  4. Baka gwapo naman in person.
    Gwapo ba siya in person?
    Pero, I agree sa comments ng iba na flat ang pwet niya 😛

  5. In this case, the apple didn’t just fall far from the tree; it became a totally different species. Hahahahahahahahahaha

  6. i don’t understand the vitriol within the gay community. Tangina, kaya ayaw tayo irespeto dahil sa mga taong hobby maghatak ng iba pababa.

  7. I really curse the person that told Inigo Pascual that he had the looks to be in showbusiness… DAHIL WALA TALAGA. Stop it!!!! Stop it naaa!!!!

  8. Tong mga bakla may nalalaman pang lgbt rights tapos kung manglait. Mga jologs na mga bakla pag ksyo nilalait ano ang feeling? Mga bakla na nga kayo attitude nyo basura.

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