28 thoughts on “Speedo Splendor”

  1. Ahrmsh puhrung I wanna make lapit at him pehroh sabi ni Mumsh na weg daw kashe babarilin daw akoh sa fez ng boduguard nyuh

    1. Wow kkahiya sa kabaklaan mo noh.at least sya gwapong bakla madami mgkkagusto eh ikaw bka maski mga mentally deranged d k magustuhan🤣ewwww baklang chaka😜

    2. Aren’t you gay din? Isn’t that why you’re here? Eew ka din ba sa sarili mo?

      What’s eew is your homophobia & self-loathing projected onto other members of the lgbtq+ community.

      We are trying to live our lives with pride & dignity. We don’t need the hate from our own community.

  2. We MUST EMBRACE AND SUPPORT our fellow LGBT, gay slurs such as the word paminta is not a good indication that we are for our fellow gays & bi’s just saying….

    1. Pag ang lalaking artista nagout supporting gay roles na lng, usually the role would require makeup transformation, if you know what i mean. 💅

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