Don’t you just love Carlos Agassi these days? He’s practically naked in all his social media postings and nobody’s unfollowing.  He’s mighty proud of his body of work, as illustrated in this shot: it’s awesome how the steam/smoke and wet underwear can come together. Of course, that impossibly-honed physique is criminally sexy.

49 thoughts on “Steamy”

  1. Para sa’kin di na s’ya bagay maghubad ng ganito. Parang ang tanda na n’ya kasi for this. Papunta na sa DOM yung look n’ya LOL

  2. Ganyan talaga pag need ng pera papansin sa social media. Pero old na sya parang wala ng interesado sa kanya.

  3. Sana sila na lang nun Piols magkatuluyan sobrang bagay. They complement each other’. Kiniklig ako hahaha

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