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Towel Boys

He nodded with his head lost under the towel as he rubbed his hair. The vigorous motion showcased some wonderfully cut triceps, not to mention his abs. And, oh dear, was his white towel coming undone at his left hip?

Leaning forward from my seat on the edge of his bed, I wished the tiny corner of the towel would unfurl.
I couldn’t help it. I knew what I was: a perverted voyeur, a floozy with a penchant for bad boys.
And as he bent over, rifling through his dresser’s drawers—picking out a white ribbed tank and blue jeans—I couldn’t help how my tongue wet my lips or how my hands skimmed the top of his mattress, wishing I was molesting his deltoids, his spinal column, his rump, anything!

If he did this every morning, I’d be getting slapped with a restraining order soon.

As he turned to face me, the towel slid another inch.

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  1. Anong kakiyemehan yang write up na yan rd? Haha. Ok na sana kaso dalawang becky lou ang visual aids. Hatchoooooo!!!!!!

  2. infairness piolo might be bi!!!!!!!!! gosh sexuality is not a black and white situation no!!!!!!!!!!! pak!!!!

  3. sarap ang ikaw. parehong gwapo. parehong yummy, prehong malaki ang burat, parehong bading nga lang

  4. ah basta! kahit anu pa sabihin nila. gusto ko silang dalawa maging ama ng aking magiging anak! choz!

  5. ADORABLE Two Handsome men – PERFECT for Each…That’s REALLY HOT!!!

    PANGIT lang ang ayaw sa MAGANDA !!! asan ka sa dalawa ???

  6. What’s this new Piolo bashing? And where are those who had good words for him in this blog? Has the weather changed? Piolo and Sam are two of the nicest guys in the biz, though somewhat cautious in dealing with people personally–for obvious reasons. Nakakarma mga bumabatikos sa kanila. Look at halbatera Lolit. She ate humble pie (but not her ghost writer) to be spared the punishment for her libel. Come on, guys, give Sam and Piolo a break and cut the bitchiness. Be proud of your gaiety but being gay is not synonymous with being bitchy. Leave the two guys alone.

  7. RD Papost ng mas clea rna pic ni Sam wag na si Pioling. Para kita ng mas maliwanag si Sam at ng kanyang bakat!

  8. piolo looks so hot pero he might be gay. sam might be straight pero he really has that gay face.

    just goes to show you can’t really have everything. lol.

  9. True! Si Sam parang nagiging lalaking lalaki lately, samantalang si Pioling e parang nagiging baklang Malate look.

  10. RD anong kailusyunadahan itong post mo na itoh? Wag mo sila pagpantasyahan, mas madaming macho dyan no. Mabalik nga tayo kay Prince Stefan, hihihi…

  11. O dibaah Pioling? Nakipag split ka kasi kay Sam o ayan ang daming may gusto sa kanya ngayon. O ano balikan mo na sya no.

  12. hoy mga bading na parlorista! Magsitigil nga kayo.. kala nyo kung sino kayong manglait ah! mfa wala kasi kayong pinag aralan! kaya kayo ikinahihiya eh dahil sa kabobohan nyo…

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