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Wayback Wendell

When the world was a wee bit younger, Wendell Ramos posed like this.While we may never understand the art or artistry of it all, we’re just too happy he chalked up a faux nude shoot ages ago. These days, he’s looking mighty fine for a dad. Don’t we just love this guy?

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    1. Shongatot ka. That was taken years pa. Basahin mo nga kung anong sinabi ni rddantes! “when bla bla… ” means way back years ago. Ungoy ka magbasa ka muna at intindihin ang binabasa bago ka mag comment.

  1. Si wendell wala pa ding kupas maski tuatanda na di katulad ni jomari yllana na mukahng laspag na at masyoba at mabaho.

  2. walang pa ring tatalo kay wnedell sa kaguapohan at ganda ng katawan …. malinis at makinis! sana i-post mo rd yong mga early pictures nya when he was a little bit younger!

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