I just found these photos in my files and I thought I’d put them together, side by side. I’m not going to ask who’s hotter or yummier or sexier because they are both adorable. And, besides, there’s no real comparison, really –  Gerald Anderson [left] is only 19 years old and relatively new in showbiz while Richard Gutierrez, who’s turning 25 early next year, has been in the business since he was a fat little kid.  They are both popular, from warring networks but local brand Bench got them together as models and of course, coaxed into going shirtless in its shows and campaigns. And, who knows, they might just do the bikini briefs for the Bench ads soon.

24 thoughts on “Whew!”

  1. they are both hot………and this is an unfair side by side pic…geralds is a studio shot whith photoshop while ricards is an unflattering candid shot…talk about may kinikilingan

  2. uhm, you got it wrong..

    yes gerald’s pic is a studio shot… but it is UNEDITED… try to look closer…

    i do think that the blogger doesn’t intend to be biased.. it’s just that their pose in both pics are almost the same.. that’s it..

  3. ay naku pareho lang silang napakasarap na putahe, photoshop ekek whatever pa. kailan kaya aketch makakakain ng ganito kasarap na noche buena?

  4. it’s gerald. richard is an overrated mestizo who got popular because he has the connections…gerald is sexier, and he really worked his way to fame…

  5. both ay talgang yummy. c gerald matagal ko nang fantasy talaga. Richard???? super guapo and sexy too.who is better???? RIHARD PA RIN

  6. look at the bilbil of gerald. he is not cute at all for me, just a typical american kid who will get bald in few years time. but he is lot cuter than codename:abusero. hehe. this richard g. really sucks.

  7. i hate richard and his mom. mayayabang!! war freak pa ang richard na to, inaway pa si aljur at tinanong kung boy or girl daw ang type ni aljur, e sya nga ang may kapatid na bading, si ateng raymond. hay naku, ang mga gutierrez na yan, ubod ng yabang. sana makarma sila

    yes, gerald anderson is way more attractive and a better person too.

  8. richard worked his way up to where he is now..he started as a nobody in click , as a mere support in previous teleseryes…this led to a stint in love to love which started to make him a leading man and this is also the series that first beat abs -cbn rating which was then lording over the ratings…his love to love stint led to mulawin which is the very first primetime series of gma to be the number one teleserye………..he is the best example of a dark horse…who would have thought a shy young handsome boy could start toppling the giant abs-cbn..since mulawin started abs-cbn has not claimed back its primetime supremacy……kudos to richard

  9. Gerald anytime. Who cares if he goes bald in a few years, let’s savor his beauty while it is peaking! Sarappp mo tol!

  10. just depends on taste..i find the meatier ones tastier hehe. so richard wins this for me..besides, more meat means mas masarap kasamang kayakap hehe

  11. mas ok si gerald – tamang tama lang ang body hair, friendly face, good attitude, walang ere di kagaya ni richard na presumptuous. way to go, gerald! i love u.

  12. Both of them has its own unique personality..They rae both hot and yummy..Their cock is 12 inches, big and hard..Just imagine the size of a lakatan banana or a Talong size, you’ll be heaven if they fuck u..They are half,so magaling sa kama..ang sarap na otin nila..iniimagine ko na cla…..

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