WITWI Tonio Ortigas

Where in the world is Tonio Ortigas? The dopey-eyed [note: Dopey of the seven dwarfs fame isn’t really dopey; he is simply childlike] actor-stripper rose to relative recognition by posing in gutsy naked photos at the time when the standard cover for the family jewels are speedos and jockeys and not books, fruits and flimsy loincloth. Tonio Ortigas made a couple or three films , the most memorable of which was his frontal nudity scenes in a dance sequence for Burlesk King [released 1999]. Eventually, he disappeared from the scene. He was last seen consorting inq7.net’s most-read columnist and real-life sex-and-tell hag, Dolly Anne Carvajal.

4 thoughts on “WITWI Tonio Ortigas”

  1. born as Noel in real life though he is not the first Noel but I love him so much and for me he is my king and I’m willing to serve him…

  2. Real name is Noel Mallari. He is a native of Pampanga who’s got two kids from estranged wife (currently he is living together with a rich widow). His last movie flick is “Paupahan” with buddy-producer Allen David. He co-owns a newly-established acoustic bar in San Fernando City and is also into used car-selling/swapping business. (P.S. Could you please post more photos of him with frontal nudity? Thanks.)

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