Young Actors

July 1 , 2014 by: rddantes | [post_view]


Three shirtless young actors and performers – Gerald Anderson,Young JV and Neil Coleta.  They’re so cute and sexy! Makes one wish they have audio-visual recordings pleasuring themselves. Or maybe they’re all in it together. Such wild imaginings.

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44 thoughts on “Young Actors

  1. bakat ang burat ni gerald. sarap sabunutan ni ateng maja. for sure sawa sawa ang kepyas nya sa kantot ni gerald. for sure sinusubo nya pa ang burat ni gege

  2. ah.. sila pala yung mga “young actors” sa blind item ni Ogie Diaz… and kung sino naman ang may ginintuang pusong mag she share ng alleged video paki share naman please..hahaha

  3. nakoh halatang hindi napanuood nung nagsalitang dakota si young JV hahaha.. juiceme parang titi ng gradeschool student

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