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It’s Oktoberfest once again!

Model: Alias Gabriel

Aside from the foreboding Christmas season, October brings in another celebration that rationalizes getting drunk everyday and acquiring a beer belly in 3 days – The Oktoberfest. Here in the Philippines, premier beer San Miguel has lined up once again a series of shows and concerts in practically all restaurants in the country to make whoopee at this time. But of course, everyone knows this event came from Munich, Germany. The origins of the Oktoberfest date back to the marriage of Prince Ludwig I to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810. All of the residents of Munich were invited to celebrate the marriage in the surrounding fields. The celebrations lasted five days and ended with a horse race.The following year the event was repeated and the popularity of the event grew and it became ritualized into the calendar. Oktoberfest today has evolved into the German festival to celebrate the changing of the seasons, and it has become a prominent celebration wherever a German community exists.
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  1. what is oktoberfest without the usual array of wursts. sems like alias is not sharing his wurst for us to munch. come on … share naman, we need the protein for the coming cold months. brrrr, brrrr, brrrr.

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