The recent Cosmo event made superstars out of two cute guys – Aljur Abrenica [left] and Gerald Anderson. The audience that night were also pitting the two against each other in an apparent rivalry since they belong to different [and warring] networks. While ABS-CBN’s Gerald is in pole position as he started out earlier in showbiz, GMA-7’s Aljur is gaining ground. It’s an exciting competition, if there really is one. Both are young and fresh and starting to get noticed as sensitive actors.

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  1. Looks like the individual who typed this out wasn’t “THINKING STRAIGHT”. 🙂

    Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mismatched! Kim and Gerald are a league of their of own!

    September 22, 2009 8:32 AM

  2. i think the post is free for any mind to explore, as long as a comment has relevance to the subject/(s) even if just a bit it.

    to follow implied analogy “match” as the empword, anonymous sept 22 8:32
    wasn’t thinking straight but rather THINKING BROAD 😉

    talking about exploitation baby,

    no much time to type, UYB

  3. share ko lang ito papa rd kasi may mga bakla na nag ask kung bakit ang katawan ni papa piolo minsan bulk minsan saggy minsan toned minsan lean minsa ewan
    Piolo Pascual and his to-die-for physique
    By Marge C. Enriquez
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    WHEN he was living in the US, actor Piolo Pascual got into a fitness routine based on the Men’s Health’s gym program. The hard work paid off when he started building muscles.

    “I ate, slept and worked out. There was nothing to prepare for,” says the actor.

    By mid-2000 Pascual was basking in show-biz fame, but he slowly got careless with his lifestyle. More opportunities were coming his way, but he was out of shape.

    In February 2005, colleague Jericho Rosales introduced him to Venancio “Ace” Duque III, supervisor of the biomechanics department of Planet Infinity gym (Crossroad, 77 Mother Ignacia, Quezon City, tel. 376-4512) and Rosales’ personal trainer. One of the best-kept secrets in town, the gym offers a holistic approach to training based on research. That meeting was the start of a partnership.

  4. “I’ve been working out for over 10 years. It’s only in the past five years that my workout has been rigid. I’ve made it part of my routine. As much as possible, I start my day in the gym. I work out for 45 minutes, max. It’s a luxury if I spend an hour,” says Pascual.

    A long workout tears up the muscles and burns them for energy. If the body does not replenish itself with supplements and whey protein, the body will search from its other parts for amino acids for repair. Pascual has shown how to get a graceful, muscular physique with a short and incisive workout.

    Soft body

    Duque’s initial impression of Pascual wasn’t too good.

    “He couldn’t do a single pull-up on the chin bar. I thought he was joking. He was soft. He had a flat chest and straight body, and a tricep injury from a stunt. His body was not V-shaped like it is today.”

    Duque was at a loss on how to jump-start Pascual’s strength training and rehab program. He then devised a high-intensity program for a short duration so that the workout could easily fit into the actor’s tight schedule.

    Pascual’s sculpted body is now the result of slow but sure training achieved over a long period. At 5’10”, the 32-year-old actor now weighs 165 lb-175 lb and posts 5-9 percent body fat.

    Duque is amused when actors and actresses demand they look buffed or sexy for a role or a shoot in two months.

  5. “It can’t happen overnight,” he says. “Our company wants to help improve a person’s lifestyle, not just suit an immediate need for aesthetics. We develop a long-term program specifically designed to reach your optimum function in your job. We look at what the client does daily.”

  6. Every January, Pascual shows Duque his schedules and commitments for the year so the trainer can create a program based on the actor’s goals.

    “I can’t impose what I think is right for Piolo. It might not be appropriate for his role. I have to watch his shows,” says Duque.

    They look up to Brad Pitt, who customizes his physique according to the role. In “Fight Club” and “Troy,” Pitt flaunted his ripped muscles. In “Benjamin Button,” he had to be lean.

    On the first year, Pascual’s program focused on total body conditioning with basic weightlifting and building core performance with 10 difficult exercises. The following year, the program highlighted specific body parts.

    In 2007 Pascual bulked up for “Lobo” where he played a lieutenant. Duque gave him boot-camp training to help Pascual get into character. The most difficult part was the famous Filthy 50 by Cross Fit, where one does 10 exercises 50 times each or a total of 500 repetitions in 30 minutes. Pascual executed everything in a record 12 minutes – then collapsed.

    “Piolo has a high tolerance for pain. He hardly complains,” says Duque.

    Sometimes, the workout can overbuild muscle. “I don’t lift heavy weights. The heaviest would be 150 lb for a maintenance program. It looks awkward if you’re so bulky and you are doing drama or crying onscreen,” says Pascual.

    Abs workout

    To prepare for ad campaigns such as San Mig’s sugar-free coffee mix, Bench Overhauled Jeans or Belo Medical Group, Pascual’s program includes lifting his body weight for resistance.

    “I lessen the carbohydrates and take more protein. If I need to look lean, I do more exercises where I lift my own weight like pull-ups, push-ups, core and some cardiovascular work,” says Pascual.

    The etched muscles are not a product of Adobe PhotoShop. Pascual and Duque must approve the photos – they must show his form at the correct angles.

    For “Lovers in Paris,” a romantic comedy, Pascual slimmed down to play a regular guy. His workout revolves around lifting moderate weights but with high repetitions. Pascual warms up with a light set of weights, then gradually increases the heaviness.

    Duque cites studies that athletes who stretch before a workout become slower and sometimes develop micro injuries. Stretching is done after the weightlifting routine when the muscles are already warm. Pascual hardly does bench presses and arm routines since his exercises work several muscle groups simultaneously.

    Duque reveals that Pascual’s lower abdomen lacked strength despite the photogenic ripples on his core. Pascual does an advanced workout for his abdominals. He does the hanging leg raises on the chin-up bar – touted as the gold standard in ab workout –followed by crunches on a steep plank while holding a Medicine Ball and the Ab Coaster or doing contractions on a track machine.

    Pascual’s determination has reaped results. Aside from his enviable physique, the actor’s fitness level is close to an elite athlete.

    Duque adds that Pascual has one of the shapeliest legs around, thanks to genes. Yet, he can run level 15 on the treadmill in half time. That’s the equivalent of doing a 5-km run in 15 minutes, while the average person can do it only in 30-45 minutes. Even marathon runners in the gym admire Pascual’s agility.

    “His muscles adapt easily to the intensity. He gets bored easily so I have to keep coming up with more challenges,” says Duque.

  7. lean living

    Pascual attributes his build to clean living.

    “I don’t eat rice. It’s too heavy. I get my carbs from breads and pastas,” he says.

    He adds that after watching a movie at The Farm in San Benito on the slaughter of meat, he has stayed away from beef and now sticks to chicken and fish.

    Every January, Pascual eases his program after a weeklong water fast. He also starts light after fasting every Sunday.

    Ever since he started working out at Planet Infinity, he has been taking whey-protein shake to build muscle.

    “I lose weight easily especially if I stay up late because of taping. I drink protein shake with banana or apple when I train and during the taping,” says Pascual.

  8. please aljur has nothinhg on gerald……show niya hindi nga nagrarate……..talo ng katorse..he is all hype…gerald has proven himself as a bankable leading man with three teleserye hits to his nama..tayong dalawa ,my girl and the first one ………….aljur looks like a dirty kargador honestly….hindi siya classy…..super baduy

  9. personally, mas attractive si gerald kesa kay aljur. siempre naman, marami rin magsasabi na mas magagandahang lalaki sila kay aljur. ok lang yun. kanya kanya yan.

    sana may isang write up talaga na lumabas sa isang rated na magazine dyan by a team of experts on fitness, physique, style, beauty, etc. who will do a side by side comparison of the 2.

    somehow, di ako magtataka kung lumabas sa comparison nila na aangat by a mile and a half si gerald. btw, sama mo narin sa comparison ang talent as a category.

  10. ganyan kasi si rd

    in the service to all his readers and supporters nakahit na nag rereklamo kayo ni rd at nega pa ang ibang comments, e post pa rin nya.

    bravo, rd!

  11. mismatched! Kim and Gerald are a league of their of own!

    September 22, 2009 8:32 AM

    should read

    …a league of their own!

  12. For me
    hmm mas marunung umarte c aljur. Pero actor na actor c gerald. C aljur kasi ang Pin0y Mario Maurer Kahit mejo bano umarte eh aus pa dn. Xa nga sana xa ang Love of Siam:PH TV ejeje. For Gerald marunung umarte at str8 magtagalog.Ejeje. For me NO C0MPARIS0N HUNKY CLA PAREHAS
    at syempRe ASIAN LOVER

  13. LALAVOOM said…
    match sila kasi pareho silang hada ng mga executive nila but aljur’s dick is bigger than gerald.


  14. sobrang obvious na ang pagpo promote kay aljur dito ha.

    sa totoo lang, there is no competition. gerald is a star, aljur is a wanna-be.

    but im sure time will come, with proper handling and a touch of class, magiging star din naman siguro si aljur.

  15. Aljur is way ahead of Gerald by a mile in the looks department! Aljur is getting handsomer and hunkier as he matures while Gerald is starting to lose the freshness at an early stage. Pretty soon magiging katulad na rin sya ng mga tisoy dyan na maagang tumanda!

  16. mas maganda ang hubog ng katawan ni aljur kaya nagiging bitter ang mga fans ni gerald kasi yugn gerald nila bulk lang

  17. aljur ako kse mas lalakeng tingnan unlike gerald pakonyo effect! and besides may halo si gerald na jimported! si aljur purong pinoy!! yuummmmm haha

  18. gerald is way above aljur in looks, height, in acting ability, and fanbase. c’mon, aljur is a flash in the fan. his teleserye with common-looking kris bernal rates much lower than that of gerald and kim.

    gerald is way better, ok?

  19. ano inaayos ni gerald? i think ung titi niya…di cgurp kasya sa outfit niya…parang tight kasi eh…alam nyo naman…laki ng kargada ni gerald kaya hirap itago!

  20. mukang overstatement yung way way ahead ang gerald. its not at all believable. comment was from a fanatic maybe. Aljur looks more of a star material than him.

  21. gerald is certainly better and can last his popularity longer than aljur. he is the better actor and his acting range is wider, pwedeng comedy, drama, and action. di ba may tiagong akyat pa sya? at pwd rin sya magpa sexy ha. si aljur ay plastic, kunyari love nya si kris pero nabuking na LIE dun sa showbiz central sa dont lie to me. hahaha

  22. Okaaay?
    Again, they both can’t act. (Nowadays, nobody does.)
    Aljur is stuck between ugly or handsome. He’s not handsome nor ugly. He cleaned up good. At times, he’s arrogant based from how he behaved and portrayed his roles.
    Aljur is a bit disgusting. He’s not sophisticated enough. Confident but not classy

    Yeah, sometimes both especially Gerald is overrated. Gerald may be cute but he’s no actor. His body is too bulky for his age.

    Both haven’t finished their collegiate studies. It doesn’t mean that when you’re in this industry you may quit your studies.

    BOTH are grammar victims. Aljur can’t speak straight English w/o making an error. Gerald too.

  23. Yung mga Aljur ng Aljur dito, bakit hindi nyo panoorin yung All my life nya? Ang baba ng rating! Hindi katulad ng Tayong Dalawa. Gerald is a pretty good actor for someone who hasn’t been that long in showbiz lalaking lalaki pa yung boses. Si Aljur, boses palang nakaka walang gana na! Walang kwenta pa umarte!

  24. Duhh? Who says Gerald can act? Nilalamon nga lang siya ng buong buo ni Coco Martin sa show nila before. As for Aljur, he looks more fresh and youthful than gerald. Nagmukha kayang patpat si Gerald sa pictorial nila.

  25. boses palng ni gerald lalaking lalaki na. si aljur, puro pa-cute. galit, masaya, malungkot o naiiyak, ganun parin ang itsura. may class si gerald. at mas matalino sumagot sa interviews si gerald, matured ang pag-iisip.

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