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Andrew Schimmer’s time to shine

Reader harrychuachika, who never fails to surprise me, sent in this photo and asks: “Isn’t that Andrew Schimmer?”. Most probably, as he is the only guy I know with the “JAS” tat on his right arm. This was taken a few days ago at the Slimmers World Great Bodies launch, and I presume he is one of the contestants. His development and transformation is quite amazing, as he went from gangly teen to incredible bulk. Now 21 years old, the Fil-German John Andrew Schimmer was last seen in the comedy flick Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat and will soon be appearing as the male lead in the sex movie, Green Paradise.
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  1. He’s getting buff…which I don’t like… Tama na! Don’t get too buff or you’ll end up looking like the Hulk.

  2. pang gayporn na gayporn na ang itchura! sha ng bottom sa scenes of course. hahaha.

    magmake up ba sa body building competion? bottomesang bottomesa ang bruha!!!

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