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SWI Great Bodies Winners

The number 13 proved to be luckier than 7 this time as James Mark Banzon , who represented the Megamall branch of Slimmers World, copped the Slimmers World Great Bodies 2007 title last weekend. Meanwhile, the fancied Number 7, actor John Andrew Schimmer of SWI Trafalgar Makati branch landed first runner -up. Alfredo “Jun” Danganan of SWI Pasay Road settled for the second runner-up.
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  1. If James Mark is the reincarnated Adonis, I would love to be his goddess Aphrodite and with the consent of judge Zeus, I will not share him with other goddesses. Like in Greek mythology, I would like him to die in my arms and, while catching his last breath, I will sprinkle him with anemone and…..with my my own sticky “nectar.” Lol

  2. If you ask me, it may different to see them in person on stage, but from the photos here, it looks like a freak show.

  3. MAHOGANY! remember that ol’ song by ms. diana ross (made into a movie). yes, #13 reminds me of the dark diva. but don’t forget the back nazzarene is also made from this variety of wood. touching him will give me a sacrilige feeling (God forgive)…PHILIPPINE MAHOGANY OF COURSE NOT BRAZILIAN NOR AFRICAN *****

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