To pore anally

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Today’s puzzle would involve you searching for the upper part somewhere in this wayward site. Actually this is a lazy-ass post about finding the face to that cute little member. You’ve seen this kid somewhere. In a group. Endorsing clothing.

78 thoughts on “To pore anally”

    1. wew. he stop up already at 18. so like.. i wana suck all his scrotum all the way inside my mouth til he cums..

  1. kinginah!!! anlakehhh ng bayag ang sarap sabtolin at mumugin… putangina tlga ga-basong dami ng tamod nyan… lunurin mo ko huhhh!!

  2. Si yu’us ma’åsi put i clue-miyu. Buenti guiya i hacha ni man idolan-mami. Buenas todus hamyu and good luck.

  3. Ang ganda ng pagkakatuli high and tight. Sana ganyan ang tui ng pinoy … masagwa tignan ang dorsal slit ng karamihan sa atin.

  4. This is the reason why we(me and my countrymen from the pacific) like more to abs-cbn. GMA scores one only. How about abs-cbn, how much boys who become like that(you know what I mean) like that hashtag boy? That boy who act like that is nonexistent in my country. It’s difficult to find sexy boys in my country as sexy as the Filipino boys featured here.

          1. Håfa? Hoi, ti chavacano i fino’u, ignorante! Chamoru ini na fino’. Un sångan na chavacano ini sa’ taitiningo’ hao ni nasion-hu. Kindly ask the chavacanos in Zamboanga if this language is chavacano! Better watch ryle’s penis than making an issue about me!

        1. I know what chavacano is. Karelin’s language is not chavacano. You think that’s chavacano because her country is unknown to your country.

        2. Poor man’s Spanish yan… Håfa? Is there anything poor man’s Spanish. I met many natively spanish-speaking people who are poorer than the poor Filipinos but their Spanish is really perfect in proficiency and grammar. How about poor man’s English. Every languages in the whole World have poor people who speak those all languages, including poor man’s Spanish or English. Chavacano is a spanish-based creole, doesn’t mean poor man’s Spanish. Saying that chavacano is a poor man’s Spanish is like you saying Manglish(Malaysian English) is a poor man’s English.
          Proceed to fantasize ryle. Look at his cock, much better jerk off yourself after watching his boyhood than keep minding about my language!

  5. Undeniably he is! Abs-cbn is the best. Mohon yu’ bai fama’huyong i taimagagu na litratu as Zeus Collins yan pumalo na miembron hashtags. Naked boys are my type. Boys having dickfies like Rule Paolo Tan are my type.

    1. Maipag mamalaki ba yan? Proud ka na madaming taga abs at miyembro ng hastag Ang may mga scandal? Maipama alaki nyo ba yan?

          1. Bugo’ man ka ug English jud kay tagawog ra ka! Marise ka, di ka ka translate lagi! Basta tagawog, bugo’ jud ug English, tan’awa nganong gi tagawog man ang amerikanong salida.

        1. Karelin, you know why Anonymous Nov 8 aka Anonymous Nov 9 cannot speak English to you? Because he is a TAGALOG. Tagalogs are dumb in English. They dubbed American films in Tagalog. Proven that only Tagalogs are dumb/bugo’ in English among all Filipinos.

          1. Gof dance hao, Anonymous Nov 10 at 1:29. Now I know the truth why the Tagalog people like that anonymous are like that. Just watch ryle’s dickfie? His dick posted here. But why they divert the topic unto an issue about my identity? Si yu’us ma’åsi che’lu para enao na emfotmasion.

            1. Lumayas ka sa site na to, leche ka! Nobody understands you you stupid jerk! Chamoro ka pala? Di lahi ka ng mga mag nanakaw. Magellan named your island islas de Ladrones! If you dont understand that, then Go figure! Leche ka!

            2. I already know that but what’s the matter if my country was known as land of ladrones by magalhaes? Anywhere has thieves including your country. Unfortunately, your country is always be the most corrupt country in ASEAN region! Shame on you, Anonymous! I know you discriminate even your fellow Filipinos because their culture is different from yours and then you feel like your tribe is superior to the rest of the groups of Filipinos! YOU ARE CANNIBAL!

            3. What? You say “leche” to me? What do you think, I’m a local inhabitant of the very corrupt and polluted country? My country is congested by severe traffic? Who are you, ARE YOU THE TRUE OWNER OF THIS SITE? Ti bai hu a’atrasi hao nai hu konfotme ni hagu espesiåtmente na hu måtungo’ håfa na klåsen leche na siuda i siuda-mu!

            1. You are more sound stupid! Proven that Tagalogs are truly dumb and poor in English! If Tagalogs are not dumb and poor in English, you cannot find american movies or TV programs in GMA, ABSCBN and TV5 DUBBED IN TAGALOG!

            2. What jologs you mean? How about the tagalogs? If Tagalogs are not jologs, be sure american movies in GMA, abs-cbn and tv5 are never been dubbed in Tagalog until now and you cannot find american movies dubbed in Tagalog anymore! If Tagalogs are not jologs, manila is a trash/rubbish free city and free of traffic. If Tagalogs are not jologs, be sure no more Tagalogs own nipa made and shanty looking filthy houses. Are tagalogs superior to the rest of Filipinos? shame on you, mga bugo ug English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            3. Karelin detected you Filipinos discriminate even your fellow Filipinos! She said you act like you never been fight even one Filipino in your entire lifetime. Then you criticized and disgracing here instead of focusing on fantasizing rule’s penis. Shame on you! If tagalogs are not jologs, be sure junior next system and velasco brothers speak English only and not Tagalog supposedly on ASIA’S GOT TALENT! Hilas kaayo jud no mga tagawog, mura pud si kinsang high class!

              1. Yes, you are right. I suspected that wicked Anonymous bashes some of the commentators here on this site like what he/she did to me. Bashing anybody in the cyberworld is totally 100% the same at outside cyberworld. What’s the matter of my English proficiency? I just speak English to understand the people here, he/she made my English as HIS/HER issue! Why he was not commenting about Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and French proficiencies of the Filipinos, including here on this site?! Gai’tutniyo i titanos-ña enaogue’ i rason sa’håfa na’fanaiguihi gue’ kontra guahu.

  6. May iba pang photos and may cum video from this series. I can tell you now hindi siya dyutay, hindi pa soua fully hard sa pictures here!

  7. vegathlang rd type mo pala ang mga swollen testes. devour na the testes mga baks busog po kayo sa inflamed gonads.

  8. Jusme na sight ko ang fez and video thru the links, ang laki ng ilong at parang beking dalaginding! Not my type!

  9. anu bang naesepan ng batang ito at gumawa ng ganyan. nagmamadali tumalandi. ok nman sya khit di kagwapuhan. magaleng sumayaw. di kelangan magpakita ng ari para sumikat o mpag usapan. bata, wag na ulitin hane! yaan mu na ang ganyan kina zeus, ronnie at paulo na mga binata na, nasa kalibugan na at mukang sanay na sa mga ganyan…

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