Dingy Dingle David

There’s something about boys in tighty whities and white socks. Like a tall, fit Catholic college boy. Naughty but casually calm and relaxed. He would let you suck his dick “if you don’t tell anyone.” That kind of boy! But I digress. David Licauco’s been on a roll lately for Bench. It seems like he’s still one of the favorites of the underwear company owner.

27 thoughts on “Dingy Dingle David”

      1. So, ibubudol ka niya?…

        Mag-re-require siya ng full payment before delivery of goods. Ta’s, ‘di siya sisipot. Loco din, no? 🙁

        Eniwey, he was at the KaPuso hunk stars versus NCAA 2022 giants exhibition basketball friendly yesterday PM, then (literally) suited up afterwards to make it to the MWP coronation later that evening, right? Guy’s got stamina.

  1. lol at the fit catholic college boy reference! gays from catholic schools would know these type of curious boys.

    good for david, and good for us. bench body better serve!
    i mean, what else can we ask for (prolly nudes lol)? we got a shirtless david licauco in tight undies with a protruding bulge

  2. gals and gays in here, let’s discuss iT: is it pushed up or down? 12/1 o’clock or 6/7 o’clock?

    idk how the underwear industry works, but i do hope it’s not photoshopped or padded.

    1. impossible nmn na 6 o’clock yan sesh…saan na kung ganun ang base ng titi nya? sa ilalim ng pusod?

  3. Your posts of David, Derrick and Paul lately are giving me fever like symptoms!…it makes my temperature soar, my knees weak and causes chills inside me…and I love the feeling! Hoping that Carlo Galano can join the triumvirate soon!

  4. pag ito nag underwear photo shoot, it appears may mga kulu kulubot titi nya na parang hindi maintindihan…anu yun kulugo or palaman? ur guess is as good as mine…

  5. Hi David, gusto kita i-lollipop yung titi mo para ubusin at lunukin yung tamod mo at kantutin mo ako sa puwet ko para sumarap at lumigaya.

  6. Mas okay itong mga picture kung wala yang pa-usok usok na yan. Distracting! Hot na nilagyan pa ng usok.

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