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Duty Free


Of course, an ad campaign by the underwear brand known as Bench Body wouldn’t be complete without its resident exhibitionist Jake Cuenca. It’s as if Jakey has a sworn duty to don dem teenie tiny pairs of briefs for public consumption. Heck, he’ll do it for free for  the company that made him, for all he cares!

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  1. nakakalbo na si jake. mataas na ang forehead. sana, sa baba makapal pa rin ang pubes niya. at ang head sana pinkish and malaki pa rin. ahihihihihi!

  2. daming nakantot nito nung kabataan nya. maliit lang daw ang burat pero magaling daw sa kama sobra

  3. Jake is such a nice guy in person. He has this mayabang / maangas vibe, pero he’s actually quite friendly once you approach him. Also, contrary to popular belief, he does not have halitosis. In fact, his breath smelled very minty! haha… Love you, Jakey.

  4. Peed beside him in a mall CR. He didnt care that his peen can be seen. Not pink. Not big. Average size from what i remember. More brown. Shaven.

  5. Isa sya sa mga hinahanting noon ni Cedric Lee gaya ni Vhong. Di ba pinasabugan pa kotse nyan dati?

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