Geron and JR at Bench show

Yesterday, cute guys Geron Lontoc [left] and JR Tirona, castoffs at the recent Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009, walked the runway for rival Bench Body underwear’s Philippine Fashion Week collection at the SMX Convention Hall of the Mall of Asia. The guys were hot and come-hither in their colored briefs. ¬†Although they were unjustly deprived of the major titles at the Mossimo competition, Geron and JR are undaunted as they pursue their modeling careers. ¬†

26 thoughts on “Geron and JR at Bench show”

  1. that’s paper towel or tissue shoved under his undies to appear larger, poor thing. But his cute though and I luv his guts.

  2. magkano rate ni jr? there is something wrong sa pic kasi alam ko mas malaki pa dun dapat yun

  3. last friday, may 29, a small private party was held at the mossimo main office in san juan. the party was thrown for the winners of mossimo, sinabay sa bday party ng isa sa mga boss ng mossimo. the winners were present except for angelo. what was surprising was this: sally, the coordinator for candidates of the competition made a special announcement that the production staff made a mistake in the tallying of votes on the finals night, thus, pronouncing geron as part of the top three. by the way, geron was at the party. maybe he already knew about the announcement. since angelo wasn’t there, could it mean that angelo was stripped off his 1st runner-up award? i just find this stupid because such an announcement is too major to be kept from the public. something this serious should be announced publicly. another thing, no offense to the coordinator, an announcement like that should be officially delivered by someone in authority like the producer or head of mossimo. why is this kept private? baka nga totoo na pinangakuan si geron ng pagkapanalo kaya ito nangyari!

  4. Sa mga gusto si Geronimo Lontoc Jr., nagkamali kayo ng taong bubuhusan ng paghanga! Akala nyo lang sosyal siya, pero jologs yan! Naging tao nalang naturingan nung sumali sa Mossimo, dahil inayos lang cya mula sa pananamit hanggang sa image. Ang taong ito ay walang utang na loob! Walang breeding! Walang etiquette! Walang manners! Walang delicadeza! Naturingan pa namang nanggaling sa de buena familia pero ang pangit ng ugali ng taong ‘to. Buti nalang hindi siya nanalo sa Mossimo dahil nuknukan sa pagka sinungaling tong taong to, at ang pangit pa ng ugali! Pwe!

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