Hot Men in the Philippines

Marco Still

Ahh, I have more images of Marco in underwear and shorts. He’s the favored one in this site recently; there’s been a dearth of images of young actors in tiny underthings and Marco has been delivering the goods of late.. For now, I’m giving you this slightly less sexy photo of our handsome boy. He’s wet and giving us summer vibes. Is it hot in here?

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  1. It’s fuckin about time for the handsome Marco’s stardom. He deserves it. I do hope under Viva Artists Agency, they’ll work overtime to put him to the top. We hope Bench will focus on him more because that handsome face will definitely sell for the underwear / clothing brand.

  2. natural na chubby tlga tong si marco…nsa lahi nila…look at michele but with hard work naachieve na nya ang hunky status

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