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DencioMr. Trillo in underwear always brings out the teenage girl in me. I can blush at that fine physique for hours! He’s always teased us all these years in shirtless photos, but it is only now for Bench Body that he’s all out boxer-briefs sexy – warts, tats, bulge and all.

Enzo1 copy

I’m conflicted with this boy sometimes. He’s not just consistent with his look. Enzo Pineda is not really the teenybopper or even the hunky type, but he has his attributes. That brown skin. That nice runner’s bod. At some angles he has a fine mug. No doubt he’s packing it in this photo!

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  1. gusto ko talagang magpawakwak ng puke kay dennis trillo. keribels na kung dyutay anne santos lang ang kargada nya. magaling naman siya tumotnak according to cristine reyes

  2. I can feel u RD. I mean, u even have a photoshopped Dennis Trillo in white briefs..and now it’s finally happening. Halleluiah!

  3. ito ang kahit jutay, masarap! lalaking lalaki. walang insecurity kahit gumanap na beki. ang galing pa sa kama nito. nambabalibag! hahahaha. kaya nga mahal na mahal ng manager niya!!!

  4. Naeelya ako sobra kay Dennis talaga! Na imagine ko na namn matambok at maputi nyang pwet na napanood ko sa Bench show

  5. Ang sarap ni Enzo Pineda. I really love him. More of him please. Masarap talaga siya, tama lang katawan. Satisfied na ko.

  6. MyGussh! Papa D!! Man of my wet dreams! Charot. Mga bakla kahit duty free c Dencio, magaling naman sa performance. Size doesnt matter for ME! Bsta c Dennis ready ko ibigay ang sariwa kung pussy-butt! Lels juice Colored ang Enzo Pinapakita nya lng ang kabadingan nya sa bench society! Umay lng?

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