64 thoughts on “Sexy Borg”

  1. CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY…about Borgs. the chop chop police censured my comment on this guy before. WHY Madam?

  2. Kamukha nya si Lady Gaga o si Kooky ng Bubble Gang- young baklang may fixed smirk sa face, akala yata to yung “model look”. Hehehe!

  3. Haha, 4 comments since Friday. The bekis have (not) spoken, RD. He is NOT hot. (he looks like he’s wearing granny panties, ugh!)

  4. sarcastic ba yung “sexy borg” rd? he takes awkward photos. what’s with the face? was he trying to project sexy? all it says for me is “give me back my candy, waaaaaah!” lol

  5. RD bakit kaya nahinto na si Jake Cuenca as Bench Body endorser. Dati rati linggo linggo yata naka brief sya sa mga billboards at ads. hmmm

  6. Nakita ko sya noon sa Market Market kumakain sa Food court sa labas, walang pumapansin sa kanya. Ordinary lang hahaah

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