Stands Out

The buzz is that the latest billboard of Bench Body underwear featuring a very sexy Jake Cuenca in floral print briefs was removed most recently at the Magallanes Interchange in Makati City. No one knows the reason about the sudden pulling down of the advertisement except that it was too racy for a heavy-traffic area. The “Lost in Summer” campaign of Bench is surely generating some rumble with Jake in the news. Who knows the lurid image of Jake in tiny flower-patterned briefs will go up again pretty soon? In the meantime, Jake dons the neon underwear in the image above.

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  1. This is the 3rd post since the Hideon one that we’re all discussing the infamous Jake Cuenca billboard.

    Man can someone upload even a celphone snapshot already? hahaha

    Incidentally, I’ve seen Jake workout at my gym. He spends a long time doing abs exercises. Probably in preparation for the new Bench campaign.

  2. nasa Magallanes na uloit siya. Kahapon naka install na ulit ung poster ni jake na nakabuyayang ang underwear niya. Pero mas ok pa rin si Hideo!!!


  3. nasa Magallanes na uloit siya. Kahapon naka install na ulit ung poster ni jake na nakabuyayang ang underwear niya. Pero mas ok pa rin si Hideo!!!


  4. Ben Chan should pay JC de Vera huge money to pose for Bench Body. Come on Ben Chan! Everyone wants to see him!

    But Jake is nice too. 😀 Sana si Enchong rin 😀

  5. it’s up again. just passed by magallanes around 830am sunday jan. 31. jake is hot and so are many other pinoy celebrities. i think hindi dapat bibigyan ng ganyang kalaking exposure ang non-pinoys. they should give it to filipinos at kung puwede mga newcomers. palagay ko naman kung magpapa-search sila for new faces with great bodies, they will create the same impact. pinoys lang please. brazilians go home!

  6. ang sraap talaga nito ni jake cuenca…nung naka sex ko to…hnd naman masyado malaki titi…pero…mataba…at maputi…pinka ng burat…sobranag sraap….at..ahit yung bulbol nya….ang sraap talaga..halos mamatay na ko sa sarap…pero last na yung night na yon…hd na akmi nag kikita…

  7. rd, tama sana ma-post mo rin yung floral bripangga ni jake.

    saka pala, paki-upload din yung ibang pics ni prince stefan. tinanggal na yata sa facebook nya.

  8. yeah, i was wondering whatever happened to that? on the drive from alabang last january 27th I saw it up -the billboard and not jakie-boy’s whatnot- then by the evening, twas taken down… Hahahahhaha!!! Now it’s back and headline should read: JAKE CUENCA,TRAFFIC HAZARD [did i spell that right?]

  9. Gusto ko sya kasi nakita ko na ito noon, sa Boracay ang kinis ng katawan nya at ang bango bango. Maski singit siguro nito makinis at mabango!

  10. This picture isn’t even remotely racy or erotic. Conservatives ought to have their head examined. No wonder why we can’t progress. All they can think of is the the body is dirty.

    The billboard features a guy in briefs, albeit a good-looking one. But of course, you can’t sell your product if you put a fat and/or guy in there, say like Bishop Bacani. It’s just like asking Miriam Santiago to pose for Victoria’s Secret.

  11. wala na bang ibang model makuha si ben chan? well i understand bukod sa binabarat na mga model at ginagamit pa in bed kaya wala ng pumapatol sa bench.

    Si Jake and Rosell lang ang available kasi bukod sa palaban mga ito what do you expect mga high class call boys mga ito mga laos pa, no wonder

  12. So kung half spanish mucho dinero na! dahhhhhhh, pumapatol sa bakla yan si jake if the price is right lalong lalo na nung nasa GMA pa siya paumpisa palang career niya, madaling utuin yan mababaw kasi utak niyan, in short nono, Si Rosell na naman to support his lifestyle nag cacall boy siya before 25K all the way na siya, I should know, if you ask me why call me 5222661 to confirm.

  13. saw the billboard already with the printed briefs.. it was really not that HOT like what everyone’s claiming. for me, he lost his charisma that he had when he first doned his first bench skivies..

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