Heatwave 2008!

Jayson Domingo

l-r: Chris Onghay, Dexter Sanchez, Ervin Padua, Eddy Endrina Jr. and Dave Velasco

l-r: Herson Barias, Gian Oampo, JC Dungo, Kish McBride and Rex Melchor

Before the rainy season sets in, the Star Group of Malls is beating the deadline for the bikini pageant season with its annual Heatwave Bikini Showdown! The Corporate Marketing Officer for Special Events and Sponsorship of Star Malls, Mr. Jeffrey Ventura, was kind enough to share with us eleven reasons why we should all troop on 29 May 2008 [Thursday] 7 pm at the newly-renovated The Garden Resort, 4th level of Starmall Alabang [formerly Metropolis Star Alabang], South Superhiway, Muntinlupa City. According to the organizers, “Heatwave has become the flagship event that puts a distinctive reputation and flair in bikini pageantry that has become too common for comfort.” Admission is FREE.

8 thoughts on “Heatwave 2008!”

  1. Ang taray ng PR! Pero may K naman sila and tama nga it’s getting too common now. This is one of the hottest groups in recent male pageant memory. For a combination of sexy and boy next door, panalo ‘to! Is this the usual quality for Heatwave o naka-tsamba lang this year? My faves from least to most liked: Kish McBride (nice face, horrible hair color), Herson Barias, JC Dungo, and my top 3 … Chris Onghay, Dave Velasco, and ERVIN PADUA. Sino ‘tong Ervin Padua? He’s so typically Pinoy and HOT, HOT, HOT! I hope he doesn’t shave. Dave Velasco, too, has that very Pinoy manliness, Papa mixed with boy-next-door. Yummmy!!!!! Makes me wanna go home! 🙁

  2. My vote goes to JC Dungo & Chris Onghay judging from these photos. Some has the body but not the face or vice-versa. But not the two I mentioned above. They are obviously working it. In the end, I will pick JC Dungo. Can we have more photos of him please RD? Thanks!

  3. all of them are so yummy,deserving of the title…this is really indeed one of the hottest candidates in male pageants!!!

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