It’s Miller time!

by: rddantes June 29, 2008 | 7 Comments |
Miller Terrobias is a 20-year-old Pasay City native who went through the sexy male contests last year. He was in the Lakan ng Kalakhang Maynila 2007 male pageant, a preliminary contest to the national Ginoong Pilipinas. Then he joined the Valentino Magazine Cover Boy Search at Metro Bar [which contest was won by JV Roxas]. And the reason why we have the photo above is because he was a winner in one of the weekly contests of Lips Bar.

7 Comments on "It’s Miller time!"

  1. yetkl says:

    in fairness…. pag nagalit yan!

  2. aldwin says:

    sa totoo lang ang pogi ng etits nya.

  3. john aspen says:

    gwapo to siya, lalo na sa previous entry niya dito.

  4. shopaholic says:

    ulo pa lang, ulam na mga ate! hahahaha. nakakaloka ha.

  5. Kembot! says:

    mukhang haggard na haggard ang fez…. pati notary mukhang haggard na rin…

  6. aldwin says:

    to kembot/

    teng di haggard ang etits nya. i saw it sa lips bar, ang ganda kaya. sori ka na lang.

  7. Anonymous says:

    mga ateh hmm may potential sya at mukhang kalakihan pag matigas na hmmm kelan ko kaya sya matitikman …

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