Hot Men in the Philippines


Before he got bigger, veteran bikini contestant Herson Barias looked like this – cute, sexy and boyish in most ways. Herson was the second runner-up at the 2008 Heatwave Summer Bikini Showdown. After his Heatwave exposure, this 21-year-old native of San Pedro, Laguna has appeared on the runways and catwalks of some designers in the big city.
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  1. Mukha pa syang bata dito. Hindi na nga ganyan katawan nya ngayun. Ewan ko lang kung fit na sya ulit ngayun. Tumaba kasi sya..

  2. ok Rd ganito mga gusto namin na posts ayaw namin na sa mga artista na shirtless lang na TH. heheheh more bikini boys plssss!

  3. lubhang maliit ang kwan ni herson barias kaya hindi patok sa mga baklang designers! that’s a fact!

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