Winner: Ian Leonel Porlayagan

Twenty-two year old Ian Leonel Porlayagan, was the big winner at last night’s Mister Philippines 2007 pageant. The 5’9″-tall part-time model and farmer from Nueva Ecija finally made it to the top of the pageant crop after his stint at the Mr. World-Philippines 2007 search. Much to the delight and appreciation of the sparse crowd, Ian turned up his voice and stated that he is a proud farmer from Nueva Ecija. UPH and I couldn’t suppress a giggle when two old guys behind us commented in disbelief that maybe he overdosed on Metathione [one of the sponsors], that skin-whitening pill, prior to the contest. Real farmer or not, here’s hoping that Ian Leonel Porlayagan will make it in Mexico City as the country’s representative in the Mister International 2007 pageant. By the way, nice chintzy house.

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