Brazilians in our midst

Eduardo Fagundes [photos above] is a 25-year old Brazilian model who has done quite a lot of commercial projects in the Philippines. According to an article in the Manila Standard, Brazilian models have been in the Philippines for more than three years now, but this invasion started late last year. That’s when the models started to enter the country in bulk. “Most Brazilian models stay for only three months per country. Interestingly enough, in that short amount of time, they manage to book gigs that would take more than a year for a local model to accomplish in their own country,” the article goes. Moreover, Brazilian models in Manila get paid as much as Filipino models, and they – most of the time – lower their fees just to get the project. This is so because of two things, according to local fashion kibitzers: [1] They are building their resume and portfolio for their eventual entry into the fashion capitals of the world; and [2] “Brazilians treat modeling as a profession, as opposed to the Filipino point of view of raket-raket lang [part-time only]” – quote Jonas Gaffud, president of Mercator Model Management. For more about the Brazilian invasion article click here.

5 thoughts on “Brazilians in our midst”

  1. Now these Brazilian cuties (Male & Female) are REAL models, unlike the local “wannabes” who presume too much yet have nothing “impressive” to show for it! 🙂

    Now I admit that they’re loud and noisy, but then again they have every right to be. LOUD doesn’t equate to being ARROGANT unlike so many local “models/wannabes” like that Boom fellow and Don Mendoza.

  2. Yes, and they are not LOUD when they are alone. Only when they are in packs, do they become Arrogant.

    I agree with you on that Boom guy, a former That’s Entertainment member [one of the favored few of German Moreno in his Magnificent Seven group]. He can’t pretend to be first tier. Farouche! And Don Mendoza? Hmm, he used to live in a rented house in Forbes Park, so I heard.

  3. The Brazilians at Golds seem ok to me. I got to speak to one of them named Henrique. Pretty ok. They know pretty well NOT TOO INTERRUPT or CUT INTO my workout routine, though.

    Don Mendoza lived in Forbes???? Highly unlikely, but I did notice him glancing over to my side when friends of mine were exchanging addresses in the BIG 3 villages in Makati City.

  4. you’re such a racist J… hope those “real models” you’re pertaining won’t see you the way you see the “wannabes”.. =)

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