Fabio HD

Brazilian model Fabio Ide is starring in his first movie here in the Philippines and he’s doubly excited about it. D’Survivors tells the story of a group of models stranded in an unknown island. “Chaos reigns as they try to survive there along with the other survivors. The current spoof boasts of a breath-taking locale, a paradise island of blue waters, white sands and lush green vegetations; and a handful of beautiful people, mostly supermodels, and talented comedians, who all let their hair down, so-to-speak, and came up with a real-funny rib tickler.”

29 thoughts on “Fabio HD”

  1. Nakita nyo na naked pics ni daniel matsunaga? ung old modellng pix nya… saw it in a blog.. hnd nmn totally nude, nakatakip lng kamay nya sa birdie nya, pero kita ang pubs at kunting skin sa dick nya.. post it here Mod if meron ka nun, para makita ng lahat haha..

  2. Maganda pala kilikili ni Fabio, ha! Winner! I love it, RD! Keep those pits coming! Dumarami na ang armpit lovers sa comments! Love love love

  3. Sige mga becky! Sa inyo na ang kili-kili…pero sa akin ang nasa pagitan ng singit ni Fabio! Supsupin talaga ang isang ito!

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