Bruce can’t hear a thing

Bruce Angelo Quebral, the 25-year-old baller-turned-model-turned-actor, professes his great love and affection to his girlfriend, the nationally-abhorred Big Brother alum who fast-tracked to notoriety due to her scheming ways. Despite the bad press that the girlfriend has been getting, the mild-mannered Bruce remains loyal and supportive. He has ignored the advice of close friends and family to ditch the bitch. Incidentally, he was dropped from the cast of Regal Films’ Desperadas, his first movie supposedly, due to schedule problems.

5 thoughts on “Bruce can’t hear a thing”

  1. bruce is all brawn and maybe he’s got some balling skills. but sad to say, this ogre-looking chap does not have the intelligence to discern what’s right and wrong, even in choosing his girl. his intelligence, sadly, is tucked neatly inside his libag-laden balls which are trapped in bench underwear. lol!

  2. I’m not sure if Bruce has a future in showbiz. His one regular “involvement” in it, the soap opera with Wendy (forgot the title, and it’s fairly recently), was a complete no-rater for the station, so I wonder what’s keeping him busy to keep him away from “Desperada.” In that soap, Bruce didn’t create any ripple, and those who know him only remember his face, his smile, and his Laughter (in “Pinoy Big Brother”) and not much more. He may be a nice person really but he seems destined to be one of the PBB alumni who’ll be forgotten quickly.

  3. another classic example ng isang HIPON. no wonder nadiscriminate nung big brother exchange last season. more gorilla than human ang features. The housemates in Slovenia must not be animal lovers.

    oh, at hindi lang pala chaka, bobito pa. Classic example of the typical male model, all brawn, no brains.

  4. ay, ang e-evil ng mga sisters ko.
    🙁 anuvah. me gamit pa rin naman yan kahit na ganyan zya.

    halimbawa, me boulder na humaharang sa daan, dahil nagka-land slide. TAWAGIN SI BRUCE! aalisin niya ang ang mga nakaharang na bato in his Bench underwear.

    halimbawa, me bungguan ng mga bus sa EDSA. TAWAGIN SI BRUCE! i-to-tow niya ang ang mga nakaharang na bus in his Bench underwear.

    halimbawa, natapilok ang veklush ang super kumain ng dirt sa pagkakabalibag. TAWAGIN SI BRUCE! bubuhatin ka niya at ihehele ka ng kanyang namumutok na biceps… while in his Bench underwear.

    o davah, sweet.


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