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Kit’s Bottom

It’s definitely summer when the boys go a-beachin’ and show some skin. In Kit Thompson’s case, he’s getting a bit cheeky.   There’s just something about a man with a bubble butt. What’s your take? Frontal’s not so bad, too.

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  1. Habang tumatanda lalo siyang nagiging guwapo. Di katulad nung mga bashers kong kamukha ni Tita Swarding! Ahaha! <3 <3 <3 PRAK!

  2. This is why dapat talaga tayo magpalahi sa mga afam at white para naman magimprove yung hitsura ng mga guys and girls satin .. White guys like him are just so more alpha , more good looking and manly not all men are created equal

    1. Nothing bad with having mixed blood but please remember that the pure pinoy look stands out kahit na walang halo…my thoughts

  3. Not so bad though not really that great either…and yes maybe frontal can be my preferred choice, if that is possible.

  4. Bubble butt or not, I would rather look at his face the whole day…the whole week…the whole month! Love you Kit!

  5. My take was…
    … Just yesterday, in fact. 🙂

    N-O-I-C-E ass, he had. Tight-cling thin synthetic fabric helps!

  6. He is hotter, sexier, sex appealing and seductive than Gerald Anderson! Gerald Anderson cannot beat him! If you compare him with Gerald Anderson, Gerald Anderson is like a Muslim cleric or CBCP personnel who are anti-RH. Gerald Anderson is just like Bienvenido Abante!

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