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The Calendar Boys

They were known as the Calendar Boys, a motley group of guys assembled to pose naked for the 2005 Calendar. Among the six, one didn’t get to see his member see print but went on to do bit roles in indie movies [Xeno , third from left], one became a Provoq man after starring in a harcore porn flick [Josh Ivan Morales aka Maico Eduria, leftmost], one became a Ginoong Pilipinas winner [Arjay John Mones, second from left], and one is now a preacher and amateur boxer [Darion Cueto, third from right].
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  1. this photo is in sepia?
    xeno now appears haggard and wasted, so unlike his pre-bilog days when he was a staple in bikini shows in malate. the last time we met, it was at roxxxane preem, and he greeted me reluctantly as he was with his ever present gay mentor. i remember about 2 years ago when we would meet regularly at sm bicutan…well…
    arjay john mones was a skinny, average looking guy in DLSU here in Dasmarinas. he now looks better with some pounds.
    of the six, maico remains the sexiest; good thing viva adopted him despite even after appearing in a porn movie.

  2. What the hell! Ang awkward ng pose ha! Yug iba hindi pa ready, yung iba naman nakatunganga, yung iba ewan ko nalang! Uy, pero in fairness ha gusto ko yung una… pero yung iba ba’t may tali? Parang wala namang purpose…

  3. Grabeee RD Paskong Pasko na talaga dito sa blog na ito..More more of these kinds of photo..Grabeee Merry Chrismas….More Jingle Bells please ilabas na sa Pandora’s box RD…..MMMMMM!! Grabeee ang daming jingle bells….hahaha

  4. Thank you for the six-a-day buffet. Masaya na kami kung dick-a-day lang. Six pa. Inii-spoil mo kami, RD! Sige, bigyan mo pa kami ng smorgasbord, ng luau, ng Filipino fiesta! Ka-el.

  5. nawala ang pix ng mga claendar boys?????niway, am so grateful to the owner of this blog for all the pix that he had given us…keep on posting..more to come!! hehehehe!!!be safe…be healthy…stay happy!!!!

  6. Angat talaga si Papa Maico ever since, no wonder kinuha sya ni Viva. kebs kung gumawa na ng porn at wala nang maitatago. Mukha syang artistahin, eh yung iba dyan sa calendar boys mukhang tindero ng balut at taho. AY! HARSHNESS!

    anywayz, more pics of the calendar boys please! 🙂

  7. hi anonymous, peace to you too! i’m not bitter naman coz i also reluctantly greeted him back, at which point he introduced me to his gay mentor who grinned sheepishly and nudged him like a glue. well, two years ago na naman kasi when we last met prior to our chance meeting at roxxxane preem. i hope xeno finally finds his place in this very competitive showbiz, otherwise there must be a stop to using him in bit roles showing his fat assets, as he did in bilog, parola, and roxxxane.

  8. “COVER ME WITH HONEY AND THROW ME TO THE BEARS…let me languish every moment of pure pleasure and life’s fullest…”

    honest feeling of how i felt when i opened this blog this a.m….my favourite – the guy on the rightmost… thanks rd.

  9. RD, pakitanong naman si Lex Bonife kung kelan lalabas yung DVD ng Cruise Fashion Show ng Men of Provoq and yung Lalake sa Parola…Tagal kasi lumabas…:-) Thank u

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