Redux: Carl Rosadino

It’s Carl Rosadino yet again. Boyish and fresh, the 22-year-old production manager has been in bikini contests for the past year. His toned bod won him a couple of prizes in the bikini row, most notable of which was the Slimmers World International Bikini Bodies 2007 title. I am now wondering out loud why independent movie producers have not yet engaged his services. Maybe pretty soon, we’ll see Carl Rosadino in the movies?

19 thoughts on “Redux: Carl Rosadino”

  1. he is a production manager? of what? film outfit or a manufacturing company? i don’t mind if he is gay as long as he is not effem. macho gays are great kissers, excellent in bed, and are eager to go into ssbj hahaha

  2. hi john aspen! ssbj is an acronym that my straight-acting gay friend and myself use whenever we engage in dirty gay talk when our “straight” friends are within hearing distance, and is supposed to be a private stands for Slurpy Synchronized Blow Job hehehe. and this refers to a sexual position – 69. ..Slurpy, because of sounds emitted when the tongue licks the cock shaft, as though one is gulping down a hot singapore, why synchronized? the act is simultaneous: you eat mine, i eat yours hahaha

  3. merci boucoup demure for the detailed account of soixante neuf. i jsut wondered what SS meant hehe.

    lumabas ang pagka-corporate mo when you asked “film outfit or manufacturing” or you could be an eng’r. wow, how butch.

    there’s something about this guy that i don’t like. his smile? or maybe i feel a bit of radar… chuvanescence ata to.

  4. So, Demure, when you mention ssbj within eashot of your straight friends, how do they react? Puzzled? Tickled curious? Dismayed? Scandalized?
    In my very active sex life, I have found only very, very few guys to be comfortable with 69. Nahihirapan sila sa acrobatics.

  5. Magkakaroon lang siya ng look-alike, si Franzen Fajardo pa, na hindi na sumikat-sikat at pasulput-sulpot lang paminsan-minsan sa “Trip na Trip,” depende sa mood ni Katkat de Castro, and anak ni Noli. It will be a long shot if Carl pursues showbiz.

  6. hi anonymous (February 22, 2008 5:51 PM). their reaction? deadpan, as in, blank faces, or they pretend not to let us know we are into it. but i’m sure they know that i know that they know what we are talking about. doing ssbj should not be an expectation from partners; rather, it should be welcome change when you are tired of “you cum first, i cum later” sex routine.hahaha

  7. wow nice guy.. gay or not he is good guy inside and out dami lang mga insecure sa kanya kaya daming naninira.. about indie film di n sya pumyag after nung bath house na curious lang kaya sumali hehhe neway he is a good friend trust me mabait yan…

  8. gay or not carl is a good guy, very down to earth n person, dami nga lang mga insecure sa kanya kya dami naninira hehhee i know those people.. neway about sa indie film after ng bath house di n sya tumangap kc na curious lang sya nung time n yun.. basta trust me mabait in try to know him… his my best bud!!

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