Hataw runners-up

Ace Bernal [left photo] came in as the first runner-up in the Hataw Super Bodies bikini contest held last weekend in Zirkoh Greenhills, San Juan, MM. He also entered the contest last year, and unfortunately, he did not win any of the awards. He went on to become a runner-up at last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas national pageant. Kenneth Javier [right photo], another bikini pageant regular, landed in the second runner-up slot.

Speaking of underwear…

..it’s the hole-in-one [piece] bikini! At the recent Ginoong Pilipinas male pageant, some of the candidates were prompted to wear a white swimsuit with a hole right up there in the crotch area. I always thought that the lacuna was there by accident or maybe some waggish costume designer put it there. I tend to believe the latter as it [the hole] was part of the design, regardless of aesthetics or utility. Of course, you know the problem [if you are wearing such] or delight [if you are looking at someone wearing that] with such eyelet? Say, peephole to the shaft? Model above is Ace Romeson Bernal who represented Pampanga province and who landed as one of the runners-up in said contest.