And there he goes! Singer Mark Bautista promises to disclose all in his latest memoirs called Beyond the Mark. If it’s an honest re-telling of his past loves, some prominent lovers who do not wish to be named must be freaking out. Will Mark come out with a big explosive reveal? Will he name names?

Hard to Get

Right now, the holy grail of wank videos is that of Arron Villaflor. We are talking about this because of the spate of videos coming of the sleaze woodwork lately. Arron’s hasn’t come yet.  For now, let’s content ourselves with this pits-showing image of the guy in tacky undies. Hot just the same.

Wayback Wendell

When the world was a wee bit younger, Wendell Ramos posed like this.While we may never understand the art or artistry of it all, we’re just too happy he chalked up a faux nude shoot ages ago. These days, he’s looking mighty fine for a dad. Don’t we just love this guy?


Time flies fast. You’re a pimply, horny teenager one time and next thing you know, you’re an adult on a yacht. Alexander Diaz a.k.a.  Alexander McDermott is basking in his newfound glory under the hot January sun. Do we love him more now? Before?


They did not go alone together in Japan. They were with other friends, couples. Good company.

Ego Mood Icing

Icon Gig Mooed


While we may never know what got to his young mind when he did that, we’re just too glad Diego Loyzaga is slowly stripping off his inhibitions. Mayhap he wanted people to talk about him again. Or simply he just wants to see his (muscle) gains.  Here’s another photo from that video, try to decipher.

Jordan Retro

You’ve probably seen his wank video, now revel in his fresh bod, perfect for throwback today! Jordan Herrera was once a young buck, the toast of showbiz town. He appeared in a popular TVC, landed roles on tv and the movies, until he disappeared in the background for bit roles. That’s the way the reel turns, which reminds me I need to see that video uh-gain.


On Day Two, we go vanilla like Matsunaga. He’s still dreamy AF, though. These days, he has recovered from that lovelife debacle, and has since moved on with another person.  Will 2018 be his year? Will he keep on doing that underwear gig, that apparently pays good?

Fresh Batch

The Sleaze Collage means Happy New Year! It has become tradition to post on the first day of the year a collection of photos that might come out (no pun) later in the year. As I have said, whatever comes my way gets shared in this wayward blog. Cheers to you, you whiny lot!

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