Vintage Sunday 1

Despite his recent career failings and shortcomings, 44-year-old actor Richard Gomez was the quintessential leading man of his time. Tall, very dark and handsome, a then 20-year-old upstart crew worker from MacDonalds appeared in the movies as an awkward lead with lots of appeal and charm. He steered local clothing brand Bench to new heights when he appeared in its ads endorsing shirts, jeans and briefs. Back then, he was one of the very few actors brave enough to wear small speedos and jockeys for promo pictures.


It’s the season of Cinemalaya – that annual film festival for the development and promotion of Filipino independent films, and I’m reminded of 25-year-old actor and underwear model Jason Abalos as the poster boy of the indies. Jason won awards for his performance in the movie Endo which was a Cinemalaya entry three years ago. From then on, he also got the nod of the film critics for his projects in independently-produced movies.


Guess who’s making a big sexy comeback? At the Bench Uncut underwear show a few days ago, he went on stage in his boxer briefs and people were second guessing about his name. He looks familiar, probably as the tall and stringy teen who led a young cast in an afternoon weekend show a few years ago. Now, he looks better, thanks to a fine bod honed by hours in the gym.


This is how actor Polo Ravales looks like these days. After his failed bid at superstardom via the nudity route [e.g. Walang Kawala], the former Folded & Hung endorser has picked up and on and is starting anew. He’s a bit player still at GMA-7 and he’s not complaining now. The Filipino-German hunk [real name: Paul Patrick Rodil Gruenberg] is turning 28 years old this weekend.

Repertory’s Equus

Remember our Equus post last time, and I thought it’s wishful thinking to have a production here in Manila? Here’s some fresh news from the mail – Repertory Philippines is staging the controversial play and they found an Alan Strang [the lead actor] in the person of Marco Manalac, a De La Salle University faculty member and Ateneo de Manila University cum laude Literature graduate. Equus will be shown at Onstage, Greenbelt 1 in Makati City from 1-9 July 2010. For ticket details, link to the Repertory Philippines website.


These are two of the lead actors in the new digital movie Pendong by Oxin Films under director Sean Lim. Top photo is Felix Roco [formerly of The Studs] who’s getting plum roles in indie flicks recently. And then there’s model-actor Will Devaughn [formerly of the Coverboys], who is venturing into serious acting this time on the big screen. Pendong, which is a road-trip movie involving hundreds of beautiful VW Beetle cars, will be shown starting 25 June 2010 in SM Digital Cinemas.


Was Joem Bascon signed up by Folded & Hung before merely because of his strong resemblance to you-know-who? And now that Sam Milby got released from his Bench contract, Joem was unceremoniously dumped by the local clothing brand. In any case, Joem’s moving on just fine with his movie and tv projects. His F&H exposure definitely upped his street cred as his sexy billboards were raised around the metro.

The Last Prince

On 11 January 2010, Aljur Abrenica will appear as The Last Prince on prime time tv. This is the newest fantasy series of GMA 7 featuring the young hunk in a leading role. The story is somewhat Beauty and the Beast except that Aljur gets to walk the palace grounds shirtless in shiny jodhpurs. Which is a visual treat actually because Aljur really worked out hard for this role. Mark the date then for the start of the nightly incidents of a half-nekkid Aljur – Monday next week.


This is the image on that giant billboard of corned tuna along busy EDSA covering one portion of the Boni Avenue station of the MRT. It’s so hot because Derek Ramsay‘s in it. He’s just shirtless with his jeans on, but the image is sultry, sweltry. Here’s one lusty and brawny guy, a real man in showbusiness, who’s oozing with all the charm and animal magnetism. I’m swooning. I have to stop now.

Pulling Away

Imagine this photo a million times larger on a busy thoroughfare in Metro Manila, distracting commuters on a bright yellow sky day. This is actually that huge billboard along the river, right across EDSA in Guadalupe, Makati City, showing off a nearly naked Dingdong Dantes promoting his new line of scents for local brand Bench. Sex really sells and Dingdong works it. Now, imagine the sheet being actually pulled away.
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