I may be seeing things, but Joem Bascon‘s photo above makes a good subject for wild imaginings. It must be the light, the angle or some stray shadow. I’m wishing it’s some sheer underwear though, revealing Joem’s, uh, anatomy.

Grown Up

Twenty-year-old actor and former reality show contestant Aldred Gatchalian is a grown up now! Time was when he was a mopey contestant in the teen edition of the Philippine Big Brother five years ago. Now, he’s in show business and appears in ABS-CBN’s soaps as a bit player. Isn’t he hot? Thank you Mlr for the photos.

Temptation Tom

Principal photography of the re-telling of the camp classic Temptation Island started yesterday and every one’s looking forward to the movie. Of course, some are waiting with bated breath how Tom Rodriguez is going to tackle the role previously held by this 70s actor, who appeared in the original version in his red cotton briefs most of the time.

A New One

Trying his luck in show business is commercial model and theater actor RJ Cruz. He will be seen in the Cinemalaya 2011 entry Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa by Alemberg Ang and Alvin Yapan. RJ, under Bellhaus Entertainment, is 23 years old and a graduate of the Far Eastern University [FEU].


Actor and singer Jericho Rosales is suddenly all over tv again. After a series of career setbacks in the past, he’s now one of the most bankable leading men of his station. He is endorsing a couple of top commercial brands, too, as his TVCs get shown most of the time. Jericho is indeed back!

More Diet

In my books, actor Diether Ocampo falls under the Can’t-Get-Enough listing. Hunky and handsome, the only missing part would have to be images of him in tighty whities or speedos. Here’s hoping I can do Screencaps Friday of this guy – taken from his brief exposures in his movies Soltera [1999], Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin [2000], and La Vida Rosa [2001].

Rodel and Leonardo

Time flies so fast. A few years back Rodel Velayo and Leonardo Litton were the toast of the soft porn industry in the country. They starred in such unforgettable classics as Bakat, Itlog, Talong and any title with allusion to the penis or copulation itself. Now, Rodel and Leonardo have retired, with their own families abroad. Rodel [Archie Abala in the real world] is now in Australia while Leonardo [Joel Villar in the real world] is based in the United States.


Real man Dennis Trillo is scorching hot! Proof positive that he’s one of the top leading men of GMA-7 is that he was signed for another three years with the network. That means guaranteed two soaps a year plus significant appearances in the weekend variety shows. It seems that he’s finally hitting pay dirt after all these years.

Tom and Luis

It’s Screencaps Friday and on the menu — Tom Rodriguez [left] and Luis Manzano. This is the outdoor shower scene in the comedy Petrang Kabayo, and the boys are wet, cute and daring in their underwear. Tom Rodriguez has been getting plum sexy roles lately – he’s recently cast as one of the male leads in the movie Temptation Island, together with Aljur and Paulo. On the other hand, Luis Manzano is busy playing lead in romance-comedy flicks, in addition to hosting duties in his home studio.

Friday Diet

Do you like Diether Ocampo? Even if he’s not yet done [donned] the Bench Body briefs and ‘kinis? The 37-year-old actor is still sexy after all these years at the ABS-CBN backlot. Although he missed the leading-man express train, he’s nonetheless getting prime projects in his network’s soaps and shows.
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