Jericho works it!

ABS-CBN actor Jericho Rosales is starting anew. Again. After a three-year absence [read: no project offers], he’s back on tv with shows and soaps. It’s a good thing because here’s one talented actor who can truly whip it up in the acting department. He has also taken up singing, as he’s expressed his love to write and perform his own songs. It’s a whole new [and less cheesy] Jericho Rosales this time. Again. Hopefully, we will see him more and more these days. And, oh by the way, have you seen his commercial ad for Skyflakes crackers? Hawt!

Hello again, boys!

By now you know that Marco Morales is doing his second movie for DMV Entertainment, after the Walang Kawala flick that launched him into full [frontal] stardom. The movie is entitled Heavenly Touch and it’s a masseur movie. Which probably means, there are lots of guys in there shirtless or in their tighty whities, and maybe in one of those obligatory penis shots. Just the same, this one’s an acting vehicle for Marco Morales, who is being handled anew by award-winning director Joel Lamangan. Be nice, boys.

Will In Summer

In 2006, fearless Will Sandejas burst into the scene through the Hataw Super Bodies Bikini Open. He finished first runner-up to cute guy Racel Matic [I wonder where he is now?] while Dexter Castro placed second runner-up.  Will Sandejas went on to star in Sikil and now the still-unreleased Oliver – Kung Ako Ikaw indie flick. This summer, Will’s coming back to Hataw not as a contestant but as a performer [he’s a singer, too] in the finals night, which will be held on 25 April 2009 at the Techno Wave Bar along Tomas Morato Ave. in Quezon City.  I think the cute Cappuccinos will also be there.

In Limbo

Too bad. JC de Vera‘s career as an actor seems to be in jeopardy. Thanks to the war of the fishwives, that is, between his manager and the GMA-7 executive, 22-year-old JC de Vera might have to wait for quite some time for that elusive shot at full stardom.  As of now, it’s a wait-and-see thing for the young actor as his manager keeps on rejecting the shows and soaps being offered his way by his home studio.  Of course, the executives at GMA-7 are not too happy about this and they might just freeze his career by not giving him any project at all. Note that the tv station has an exclusive right to unilaterally renew his contract for another year [or maybe, endlessly].  

Paolo Serrano resurfaces

Remember Paolo Serrano? The ex-Viva Hotmen member, ex-amateur porn star and ex-accused con man is in the scene again.  This time, he’s in a new movie by DMV Entertainment, the same company that brought you Walang Kawala.  The title of the new flick is Heavenly Touch , which could very well be masseur-themed, under the direction of Joel Lamangan.  Paolo Serrano, who was last seen in the direct-to-video Versus, will be with Marco Morales and the Joash guy in the movie. 

Just a question.

Hypothetical question: If you had Php 180,000.00 cash [roughly US$ 3,500.00 or Bahraini Dinar 1,300.00], would you engage the services of underwear model and actor Rafael Rosell? By services I meant doing the dirty deed. Say, for example, Rafael would consent to getting naked in your room, and he’ll just lie down in bed and be the fellatrant, all for 180 grand – would you pay that amount just to get him?   I’m just asking…

Jake Cuenca in the news

Bench Body’s favorite boy in briefs  Jake Cuenca figured recently in a drive-by shooting wherein his car was shot at while parked near his house on a busy street in Mandaluyong City. Good thing no one was hurt. Since he’s showbiz, the motive for the shooting has been fodder for gossip-mongers. Nonetheless, the young actor is keeping himself busy and shrugs off the rumors since he has no known enemies.  Jake Cuenca is perhaps one of the busiest actors on the ABS-CBN backlot.  Most probably because of his good looks, sexy demeanor, perseverance and sheer talent. Don’t you think so?  

Booking Tonight!

Don’t forget the premiere showing of Booking tonight at the UP Film Institute! Marco Morales promises to deliver the goods again this time plus the much-vaunted dick peeks. Of course, hunky Emilio Garcia [right] won’t probably do the all-out nudity thing as he’s way past that, but newcomer Charles Delgado will stun the audience with his rather stiff performance in some scenes. See you all there! And oh, you can ask the good director tonight about one of the actor’s proof of age, should you have any doubts.

Matt Evans to do Underage

Now that he is an adult, Matt Evans is taking on roles beyond cutesy stuff.  He is set to appear in ABS-CBN’s tv adaptation of the 80’s teen classic Underage. Of course, the original movie, shown in 1980, had Gabby Concepcion, Jimi Melendez and Mark Gil in daring roles.  Matt Evans is one of the leading men in the tv remake. However, he says that although the movie was generous with the nakedness of the guys, he will be showing only “some skin” to conform with tv standards.  Nevertheless, here’s one series worth watching, if only for Matt Evans who is getting sexier by the day. 

Carlo Guevara moves to TV5

Teen underwear model and actor Carlo Guevara has a new show and it’s not at the station that discovered him.  The 19-year-old cutie is in the teen drama Lipgloss over at TV5.  He plays Jose Mari, a new student at the exclusive high school Linden High where most of the story is played. Of course, this season promises to be hotter and more exciting with the entry of new guys, in addition to the existing cast members who usually don speedos and board shorts in the episodes as varsity swimmers.  I sure hope that Carlo Guevara will hone his acting chops in this show.  
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