The young and the shirtless 2

Both started out as models and as contestants in glitzy bikini contests before hopping on the showbiz bandwagon as actors and hosts.  But their stories are now studies in contrast.   AJ Dee [left] used to be the most-favored boy in ABS-CBN before fading into oblivion.  Now, he’s merely doing theater and some occasional cameos in movies. On the other hand, Victor Basa is more busy with shows and gigs in ABS-CBN plus some independent movies on the side.

Piolo abs

If Sam Milby is in the previous post, of course Piolo Pascual can’t be that far behind.  Fresh from his appearance as the first Filipino actor invited to the Paris Cinema International Film Festival, Piolo Pascual will next be seen as the hunk-ender at the Bench Blackout show.  Which just means, that if you are the main man in the finale, you are that important!

Jay in demand

There’s a movie in Cinemalaya 2008 that is  giving film critics something to talk about. Writer-director-producer Francis Xavier Pasion’s Jay is the story of two Jays – one living, and the other dead. According to the director: “The film defamiliarizes the operations of media, tv in particular, in bringing us their stories.  It shows how media can subtly give us their own version of the truth.” Too, although there are gay characters in the movie, the first-time director clarifies that this is not a gay movie. Baron Geisler [photo above, left], who is co-starring with Coco Martin, reportedly had a frontal nudity scene “which was integral to the story.” I think the next schedule of Jay will be on Saturday July 19, 3.30 pm at the CCP MKP Hall.

Dingdong prepares for Blackout

Newest celebrity endorser of Bench, Dingdong Dantes is busy bulking up for the Blackout show next week at the Araneta Coliseum.  He is reportedly doing the grand opening number, and many are wondering now what he’ll wear for the show.  Note that he was a bit modest during his launch earlier this year –  shirtless and in jeans.  Hopefully, Dingdong will drop the pants this time.

He has a new movie! Again!

Oi! The Johnron has a new movie again. Apparently he did this one under the radar, as I’ve only come to learn about this when he sent me an SMS late last night.  Ok mark the date: JULY 18 [Friday] at 6.15 pm. CCP Little Theater. The movie, part of Cinemalaya 2008, is entitled Lukaret and no, the Johnron won’t show his penis. Not even his scrotum. But we must all go and buy the P100 tickets and support him, right?  See you there! [Those who will utter bad things against the Johnron will die of excruciating pain, penniless and lonely!].

Rafael gets busy

Although he is no longer opening for the big Bench show on 25 July – Blackout, perennial Bench-boy-in-briefs Rafael Rosell is still in the two-hour skinfest.  After his acting award in that lesbian movie, Rafael seems to be in high career spirits these days. He is busy with his tv shows in his home studio, U.S. concert tour [gasp!] with his Coverboys group, and a new movie with Jon Mullally entitled Civil Status: Single.

Will Wendell show his plump cheeks again?

Every episode of a grand Bench underwear show is not complete without Wendell Ramos mooning the audience. Well, something like that: Wendell Ramos loves wearing those nasty thongs or t-back underwear on stage. Not that we are complaining, but one of the nagging questions now would have to be – Is he showing his fat butt again in this year’s Blackout show of Bench at the Araneta Coliseum on 25 July?

Sherwin Ordonez for Kurap

Late post. I just finished my 10-mile run at the One La Salle Run with lots of eye candy. Never have I seen so many cute guys in one run. Ok, I’m digressing from my post today. Erstwhile teen idol Sherwin Ordonez is coming out in his first movie [!] and first mature role on screen in the independent movie, Kurap. From the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and screenwriter Romualdo Avellanosa, Kurap is the story of small-time crooks in innercity Manila and how their lives tragically spiral in a day. The movie will have its world premiere in the Asian and Arab competition section of the 10th Osian’s Film Festival in New Delhi from July 12 to 20. And by the way, shirtless picture first of Sherwin, who did daring scenes in the movie. More revealing photos of cute Sherwin once the movie gets scheduled for showing in Manila.

Paolo Paraiso goes very daring

Finally, after all these years lusting after this guy, model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso is baring all on screen in the movie Immoral.  The movie, which is directed by Adolfo Alix from the screenplay of Jerry Gracio [Santa Santita], is part of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2008.  It is the story of a man, his wife, and male lover all in one roof [hmmm, sounds familiar, I think this was the theme before in an Anton Bernardo flick with a Paraiso in the title].  Nevertheless, Paolo Paraiso promises, in this movie, to show a side we apparently have not yet seen before. I can’t wait. 

Steady Marco

Marco Alcaraz is turning 26 next week [July 12] and I just thought I’ll put his new photo here. Wearing Bench underwear, of course.  The dusky ex-baller is busy working on tv as a half-man, half-fish character in the primetime hit Dyesebel.  He will be seen next as one of the celebrity models of Bench in the much-hyped Blackout show.  
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