Walang Hanggang Paalam

Okay here we go: There’s a new movie, with a gay love scene that is wonderfully lovely, called Walang Hanggang Paalam, and Jake Roxas and Rico Barrera are the lovers [shown above]. Of course, this serious drama movie is not entirely on the subject of the same-sex persuasion, but it would be a thrill [and delight] to see Jake and Rico make love. Walang Hanggang Paalam, directed by Paolo Vilalluna and Ellen Ramos , will premiere showing on 8 Feb 2009 at 8 p.m. at Robinson’s Galleria, while commercial showing is on 11-18 February 2009 at Indiesine of Robinson’s Galleria.

Derek and Coco together

There’s a small movie, actually an episode of ABS-CBN’s drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya shown last week, that got the guys raving about the story and the actors. Entitled Boarding House, the episode starred the unlikely pair of Derek Ramsay [left] and Coco Martin. Since this one’s on primetime tv, there was no obligatory sex scene in the gay plot. In the episode, Derek is a straight man who has a history of sexual abuse, while Coco is the quiet gay guy. It’s a pretty interesting story as narrated by well-meaning friends who got to watch it. I just hope there’s a replay pretty soon.

Up Close and Marco

Here’s another one of those photos of Marco Morales. This time I decided to go with the large close-up size for better appreciation. Like, there’s some outline of a flaccid penis in there, a little birth mark [or maybe, a mole], bits of newly-trimmed hair peering out of the fibers of the jockeys, a conformation of tight testicles and brown smooth skin, of course. So, here’s the take-a-picture-and-save-it-for-posterity shot. Marco Morales is such a dream, isn’t he? I just wish Butas will be shown in regular theaters shown. Uncut, of course.

Butas moved January 28

How about storming the gates of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] at President Tower along Timog Avenue in Quezon City and badger the review personnel to approve for commercial showing the Marco Morales flick Butas without cuts? Because, guys, the regular showing of Butas has been moved by the producers to January 28 and that is still temporary pending the green light from the MTRCB. Apparently, MTRCB is making Butas pass through the eye of the needle, most recently. Of course, for those who missed the UP uncut screening, it will be such a thrill to see Marco Morales prance on the big screen once again, with stiff determination, right? Oh, MTRCB should just give the go-ahead for this movie, without cuts!


Later, hordes of happy and eager people will be charging through the UP Film Institute to watch Marco Morales exhibit fine acting, screen-worthy good looks, and a big penis in his new movie, Butas. Better be early because there will be a huge crowd and ticket lines might get longish. Too, Marco will be there, in his casual clothes, of course, for the usual meet-and-greet with admiring fans. And, it’s Piolo Pascual‘s birthday today. He’s turning 32 years old and what a fine man he has become. His new movie Love Me Again [Land Down Under] is slated for showing on January 15, which movie will surely make a killing at the box-office. I’m pretty sure it will be one cutesy-sexy Piolo Pascual onscreen as he blazes through the movie shot in scenic Bukidnon in the Philippines and Darwin in Australia. Happy Birthday, Piolo!

Paolo Serrano, intense.

So, I’m just wondering in idle time about this sexy guy Paolo Serrano and maybe he can do what Marco Morales has been doing of late, i.e. letting it all hang out in the big screen to the delight of mothers and pubescent boys alike.  And, sans any denigration, let’s admit that this handsome fellow once performed in front of the [PC] camera with stiff determination, so the idea of frontal nudity on screen would not be totally lost on him. I believe that  Paolo Serrano can truly whip it up – no pun intended, of course – and maybe, just maybe give our dear guy Marco a run for his money in the acting-while-nekkid-throughout-the-entire-movie department.

Marco more and more!

Heck, this site could very well be now the Marco Morales Adoration Society, so we can use a couple of photos for this Monday. After the longest holiday [11 days!] in Philippine history, people will be trooping back to the salt mines, and what better way to start the week by posting these photos of gay fantasy Marco. Not exactly of the frontal nudity variety [you’ll see those in the premiere of his movie Butas on January 12, 7.30 p.m. at the UP Cine Adarna] but the photos reveal how truly gorgeous and sexy our man Marco is. Happy Monday!

Piolo against Marco

I think Piolo Pascual‘s movie, Love Me Again  [Land Down Under] is going up against Marco Morales‘s Butas. This is not entirely a news flash but I think there’s no competition there. One’s coming from a well-oiled machinery – and I’m referring to his studio, silly. The other one’s an independently-produced flick with “lots of male frontal nudity.” And while the household help may not be flocking to the movies to see Marco Morales take a shower au naturel or copulate with a curly-haired woman with monstrous mammary glands, the shiny happy people are eagerly anticipating this Butas caper on January 12 at the UP Film Institute and on January 15 at the Robinsons Malls’ cinemas.

Marco Morales is wholesome

At least in this photo for Cosmopolitan [Philippines] magazine as Hunk of the Month of July 2007. [It was the time the magazine put handsome actor Piolo Pascual on the cover as he unwittingly declared that it has been his “secret dream to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan.”] Anyways, Marco was the featured guy and boy, he looked cute.  And nobody thought at that time that the singer-dancer-actor who is Australia born-and-raised would be so cocky in the movies, e.g. Walang Kawala.  He’s the new gay flavor-of-the-year de facto, and I just wish there will be more movies for this boy.  His latest, Butas [Loophole] will have its director’s cut preem on January 12  7.30 p.m. at the UP Film Institute.  

More Marco!

Here’s more of Marco Morales ! Except for the novel and inventive idea of putting on dark eye makeup, he looks mighty fine and erotic. And sensual. And handsome, still. This is part of the promo pics for his new movie Butas, which will preem soon. Most probably it will be at the UP Film Institute because it has “lots of male frontal nudity” and the State U is not exactly under the control of the film board.  So there, watch out for the setting of the screening, which will be in January!
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