Will Sandejas reinvents self

Here’s a couple of did-you-know-thats: [1] Will Sandejas of Sikil fame is now a singer. Well, actually he is devoting more time to singing these days rather than acting. This is not that surprising since the 24-year-old actor used to be the lead singer of the now-defunct Replay band before he joined the movies via the bikini contest route. Recently, he was included in the Pinoy Idol semifinalist group,but unfortunately he did not make the cut for the top 24. Currently, he is doing gigs around the country. [2] Sikil, which just came from a successful Visayas showing, is now back at the Robinsons Galleria for another run. Those who were not able to catch the movie [approved without cuts by the MTRCB], can see it starting tomorrow till Tuesday.

Johnron’s support

The actors who will provide support in JohnronTanada‘s new movie have been cast recently. Jeff Luna [orange trunks] and Joseph Izon will be in the new movie of the most-wanted Provoq man. Of course, there will be lots of skin in this sexy dramedy, which will be shot in a yet- undisclosed location somewhere south of Metro Manila.

Vintage Jake Cuenca

I just dug up these old photos of Jake Cuenca, Bench Body’s favorite boy in briefs. The first photo [white briefs] was taken backstage before the Bench Fever show at the Araneta Coliseum held two years ago. Back then, Jake looked like a little boy [with a stiffy!] lost amidst half-naked models. And he still had those abs. The second one was taken at the Be Bench finals night last year, where he just grabbed his crotch on stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Obviously, Jake had grown quite a bit.

First read on HMP: Johnron is lead in a new movie!

Johnron Tanada is making a comeback, for sure. He will soon be the lead actor in an upcoming movie by Roni Bertubin [of Sikil fame]. The movie, which will be shot somewhere south of the city is a light and sexy gay flick. Which means, we will soon get to see Johnron in the big screen in all his glory [I hope]. For now, I cannot divulge the details of the movie, as shooting starts next month, but Mr. Bertubin promised to give us first-hand info and photos soon. Something to look forward to, then.

First Read on HMP: Aga for Sun Cellular!

Aga Muhlach is done with the Globe and is now basking under the Sun! The 30-something actor, who has a new movie [with Boracay scenes] in the offing, just signed up to be the newest and biggest endorser of Sun Cellular, a mobile telecommunication service provider in direct competition with the top two networks – Smart Communications and Globe Telecom [which Aga Muhlach used to endorse]. Expect the TVCs and print ads coming out before month’s end.

Men in Shorts: Paolo and Piolo

I just finished my 10K run earlier at the “On Your Mark: Draw the Line Run-for-a-Cause”, a fun run sponsored by QTV for the benefit of the Women’s Crisis Center at the East Avenue Medical Center [I did below 45 minutes!]. With all the men in running shorts out there,I couldn’t help but get distracted. Tee-hee. And then again,I just thought I will put up photos of men in shorts this morning: Paolo Paraiso [top photos] and Piolo Pascual. Both PP’s were shot in candid moments while shooting as leading men for their respective projects – Paolo for the commercial dud Ate [Sister] and Piolo for the fantasy soap Lobo.

Rafael Rosell. Again.

Of course, he is in Bench’s ad campaigns. This summer, Rafael Rosell gets to be the more prominent model-in-briefs for the underwear brand, as his exposure for the Summer White Gold catalog of Bench spreads to a lot of pages. Rafael, who is still trying to work out his leading-man status on tv and the movies, seems to be the ultimate go-to guy of Bench underwear, as he is in his comfortable element in those one-size-under briefs.

Paolo Paraiso in bed

Let’s see: There’s a loyal reader who posts his comments daily. Almost daily. He goes by the name of armpit lover and of course, we all know what he loves most in the posts. As an offer of largess, here’s a photo of model-turned-actor Paolo Paraiso, who was last seen in the movie Ate [Sister], which seriously did not make money at the tills. The former member of Barako Boys is busy with movie and tv assignments lately, and I am awfully glad he is visible in showbiz.

And more Piolo Pascual!

The abs! The abs! Piolo Pascual is flexing and he is hawt! This came from a series of photos in one of his scenes in the fantasy series Lobo, a ripoff of the movie Blood and Chocolate and the Korean series Forbidden Love. Looks like, with the low ratings of the series, the producers of the show are trying to sex up the scenes to rake in the viewers. If it’s going to be a half-naked Piolo in the next episodes of Lobo, I wouldn’t mind staying up late to watch.

I love you Piolo!

The hot season will never be complete without photos of a shirtless, trunks-clad Piolo Pascual, the ultimate Filipino leading man of the moment. Tall, dark, ripped and handsome, Piolo Pascual currently stars in his own fantasy series in his home studio, has his own recording deal and album and a string of movies tucked up his sleeve.
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