Jeff Luna in Kurap

The name of Jeff Luna‘s character in the new movie Kurap is Ratbu and I’m wondering why. Although Jeff Luna is playing support to Sherwin Ordonez in the new indie film by director Roni Bertubin, he gets to showcase his, uh, thespic skills and prowess [and, of course, more, to stress the point].  Kurap’ s blurb goes – In the blink of an eye, moral degradation, sexual awakening, deceit and deception will be exposed.  Corruption and greed will lead them to destruction.  Will their good intentions justify their tragic ends?  The movie will have its preem next week on November 8 [Saturday] at the UP Film Institute. See you all there with the cast!

Rayver Cruz gets noticed

Methinks Rayver Cruz has a lot of potential in showbiz once he stops trying to be consciously cute.  He is tall and quite good-looking, so he should block those studied and calculated moves as if he is still in the twinkie cupcakes mode.  Now that Starstudio magazine has included him in the list of “most sizzling boys under 23,” Rayver Cruz should take heed and move on to more serious yet cool roles.  I’m thinking too much, actually. 

Dingdong Distracting 2

I was driving early this morning going back to Makati [from a trail run somewhere south], when I saw this billboard of man-of-the-hour Dingdong Dantes in Magallanes Interchange, right beside this ad of a half-naked Piolo.  I couldn’t help but slow down and gaze and gape and godawful me I just put myself in a precarious situation all because of these shirtless guys.  I’m noticing lately – most of the sexy billboards in the metro are those of guys, e.g. Dingdong in Guadalupe, Piolo in Magallanes, Jon in Cubao, Aki in SLEX, and so on.  Not that I’m complaining but where have all the girls gone?

Pretty please with sugar on top?

Yes, I know I just posted some photos barely a week ago.  But then again, these pictures of Gerald Anderson  are hard to pass up. So, pretty please, with sugar on top, can I tease and torment you again with these photos?  These were taken in a Boracay resort, with a wet, wet Gerald confidently showing off his young and developing bod. Happy Friday!

Marco in military chic, too.

Yeah, I noticed it too. First it was very apparent in the Brent Javier photo. And now, here comes Marco Alcaraz in the military-inspired photo shoot. I’m referring to the hardware, the guns strategically placed near their crotches, like phallic symbols. While Brent Javier’s gun points up, Marco’s weapon trains down. I must be thinking too much. Coincidence or the stylists just didn’t notice.

Polo and Joseph

So there, Joseph Bitangcol is already 24 years old but still he looks like a cute teenager and I am pretty glad that he’s trying to shed  [“shed” used in a nice, non-smart-alecky way, by the way] that image of a teenybopper, less-serious actor via the acting vehicle, Walang Kawala, directed by award-winning film and tv director Joel Lamangan, who says he did not have a hard time convincing Polo Ravales and the now-daring Joseph B. to roll over, get nekkid and do more than just kissy-kissy, which is the highlight of the DMV Entertainment-produced movie scheduled for its premiere night on November 6 at the UP Film Institute, uncut of course, and whether Joseph B. is uncut, we’ll have to find out, too, on that playdate!

Polo holds court

You may have noticed the sofa from the publicity shots of Kambyo.  But this time, it’s Polo Ravales promoting the movie Walang Kawala.  I received another bunch of publicity photos from one of the WK people, and the pictures of erstwhile teen idol Joseph Bitangcol are quite revealing. By now, you may have seen them from other sites.  In the meantime, here’s Polo Ravales again for WK, which will have its uncut preem on November 6 at the UP Film Institute.

Going and going!

Although the careers of Jericho Rosales [left] and Dennis Trillo were stalled somewhere along the way, the two actors are slowly picking up the pieces and re-tracing their respective paths back to success. I’m pretty sure they’ll be on top sooner or later, as the two actors – belonging to rival stations, have great acting sensibilities and talents [they can also sing!]. Jericho Rosales now has a primetime series on ABS-CBN, while Dennis Trillo will soon wear a Spiderman-like suit for his new fantasy series on GMA 7.

Matt Evans makes it!

Matthew Nicolas Evans better known as Matt Evans in showbiz ranked 12th in StarStudio magazine’s “most sizzling boys under 23.”  The 19-year-old Big Brother alum [he is turning 20 on 22 October] has been making the big leap too – from light juvenile roles to more mature and fancy-free portrayals on tv.  And he is getting noticed!  In due time – and I’m predicting this – the Filipino-American actor will soon be one of those talents who will take over the reins with leading-men status in ABS-CBN.

Piolo latest

Piolo Pascual is still the prized model of clothing brand Bench, after all.  The 31-year-old actor recently came out with his own line of apparel and perfume for the local brand [read: designed by Mr. Pascual himself].  Now, that is quite unprecedented in Bench’s history of celebrity endorsers.  Too, Mr. Pascual will have a series of shows in Europe next month with perennial [singing] partner Sam Milby.  That is, of course, if he finishes early his new movie shot in Bukidnon, the highland paradise in Mindanao.
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