Matteo Guidicelli drops his pants!

Filipino-Italian karter and actor Matteo Guidicelli turned 18 years old last March and he now has a license to bare for Penshoppe’s underwear line. In the clothing brand’s latest ad campaign for its briefs dubbed as Undercover, Matteo figures prominently in the background – more specifically, as one of the boys supporting main image model, Akihiro Sato.  Maybe in due time, Matteo will drop his jeans for more revealing Penshoppe briefs.

Marco hurls his briefs

I just notice every time there is a racy underwear show, ex-baller and now-actor Marco Alcaraz never fails to sling and toss his skivvies to the screaming audience.  A couple of Cosmo Bachelor shows ago, he cut his briefs inside his jeans and threw the used underwear at the girls.  And I’m not so sure if the screams were made in utter terror or sheer delight.  Recently, at the Bench show, he did just that –  except that he was in layered Bench Body briefs.  It looks like he’ll be doing that move every time then.

Andrew simmers

I wish I can just hang out like Andrew Schimmer au naturel in bed all day.  But then again it’s the start of the work week. Darn.  Incidentally, I just learned that Andrew Schimmer  has a direct-to-video flick called  Blindside.  It’s a soft porn movie about a blind girl in a complicated murder-and-mystery plot.  The plus side, of course, is the nudity.  I wonder how Andrew did in the 45-minute video?

Polo peek

It looks like Polo Ravales is on a roll, a nekkid romp in the movie he just did recently, entitled Walang Kawala. Slated for showing in November 12, this DMV Entertainment movie puts Polo in sexy scenes with teen actor Joseph Bitangcol.  It is a gay story of “true love, rape and revenge” according to the makers of the movie.   Photo above was taken from his other daring movie, Silip, shown years back.

Marco Morales sizzles!

Don’t forget to watch Walang Kawala on November 12, director Joel Lamangan’s first indie film starring Polo Ravales and soon-to-be-featured-here Joseph Bitangcol. It is a “story of true love, rape and revenge” and it’s a gay, gay movie with some frontal nudity by the man in the photo above. That’s Marco Morales, ex-SOP Showboy and multi-talented showbiz guy [he can sing, dance and act well – he does theater too]. Marco, who is Australia born-and-raised, is someone to watch out for then. More photos to come, courtesy of Dinno Erece, main man behind the Manay Po series and showbiz insider-columnist. Thanks Dinno!

Come from Behind

Those cute and tight buttocks belong to GMA 7 actor Tyron Perez, who did lead status once as a tiny-thonged bump-and-grinder in the critically-panned movie Twilight Dancers. Now, all we have left of the movie are pirated DVDs and memories of Tyron in a racy dance number in MMDA-pink gravity-defying underwear. These days, Tyron has not been seen much. Too bad, since Tyron, who is turning 23 years old this week, has enough talent [and looks] to get other acting offers in showbiz. Maybe he’ll do a come-from-behind, this time as a serious actor?

Joross is getting hotter

I don’t know with you guys but I’m finding Joross Gamboa hot these days.  Cute and hot. Now that he has started to hit the gym and bulk up a bit, who knows we’ll soon see him in the pages of Mr. Caw’s magazines.  It will be an opportune time because his career needs that adrenaline shot –  that one moment when he can successfully do the transition from teenybopper-jokester to mature-nudester. I’m kidding. I like the kid and I hope he succeeds soon!

Kris Martinez heats up!

With the photos above, Kris Martinez is sure to light up the fire this fine Friday night, guys! The part-time actor, who was last seen in the Andrew Schimmer-movie Green Paradise, has not been busy lately. His stint in the boyploitation movie Twilight Dancers, has not been followed up by offers for serious acting parts. Still, Kris Martinez, who once admitted that he is open to gay relationships, is hoping that some freakin’ day he’ll be famous in Philippine showbiz.

Polo briefs

While everyone’s haggling for the next Bench underwear endorsement deal, 26-year-old actor Polo Ravales [Paul Patrick Rodil Gruenberg in the real world] went the Folded & Hung way. As endorser of the local clothing brand, Polo Ravales gets to have his own space and time wearing F & H’s underwear line. Hopefully, Mr. Gruenberg will be seen next in F & H’s thongs and t-back line, however tacky.   

Ryan Eigenmann struts his stuff

Ryan Eigenmann also made it, albeit reluctantly, as a model for Bench in the recent Blackout show.  The actor, active in the indie circuit [recently seen as the male lead in the Cinemalaya 2008 entry 100]  and as the perennial villain on tv, walked on stage in his size-under skivvies. It was a cute sight as he didn’t have much of the typical male [underwear] model’s body.  Just the same, Ryan Eigenmann was naturally sexy that night.
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