I hate the holidays because ….

..I’m getting plump from all the free food and the endless sleeping hours. Somehow I envy 39-year-old actor Aga Muhlach. Look, he can go from fat to fit like a 100-to-zero blazing sports car. Just like that.  But, frankly, I always liked Aga Muhlach a bit on the pudgy side, with all those bulges and blobs and bumps . He looks cuter in that state, just like in the candid image above when he was shooting for his latest movie in Boracay Island.  I wonder how he’s putting on the scale this season.

Mike Tan does theater

Mike Tan is doing theater next year. This was confirmed recently by reports that the young actor will be in a production of the theater group Tanghalang Pilipino entitled  Kutsilyo, Pamaypay at Yantok . It will be the first time that Mike Tan will be doing a professional appearance in a live acting performance.  Since this will be held at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute at the Cultural Center of the Philippines [13-15 January 2009], expect to see the handsome member of The Studs up close and very personal.

Merry Christmas!

Top leading man Piolo Pascual has a new movie next year entitled Love Me Again [Land Down Under] , and I’m one of the countless people who are fiercely waiting for its showing on January 15.  The movie had its premiere in L.A. and Redwood City in CA recently, and pretty soon – after the Christmas film festival – here in local shores.  Aside from the wonderful scenes of Bukidnon and Darwin,  and Piolo shirtless on a horse, the movie promises to be an engaging rich-guy-poor-gal love story. Merry Christmas everyone! 


I just found these photos in my files and I thought I’d put them together, side by side. I’m not going to ask who’s hotter or yummier or sexier because they are both adorable. And, besides, there’s no real comparison, really –  Gerald Anderson [left] is only 19 years old and relatively new in showbiz while Richard Gutierrez, who’s turning 25 early next year, has been in the business since he was a fat little kid.  They are both popular, from warring networks but local brand Bench got them together as models and of course, coaxed into going shirtless in its shows and campaigns. And, who knows, they might just do the bikini briefs for the Bench ads soon.

Rafael Rosell wants to soar

Because he is nice and sexy and handsome, my Christmas wish for Bench underwear model, boyband dancer-teaser and occasional award-winning actor Rafael Rosell is more success in his career. Which means he should be in leading-man status by next year and less appearances with that group that sings and struts shirtless. I’m pretty sure RafaelRosell, who has the talent, charm and the pleasant appearance [plus he can drop his pants and underpants in a snap], can wing it!

In Vivo.

Reader Barbarella again sends in the photo above and asks – How old is ex-reality show contestant and now-bit player Vivo Ouano? He’s 18 years old now, if you count the years that passed by ever since he joined GMA-7’s Starstruck as a tall and gangly [and cute!] student who listed his age at 15. But some say he is really 23 years old now. No matter what, he sure does appear cuter and sexier in the image above. I’m hoping – and I’m pretty sure you’ll join me in this one – that he’ll do one of those photo shoots similar to what his friend Mike Tan did for the 2008 X-Ray calendar. Maybe next year?

Alfred Vargas is giving

Look, it’s 27-year-old actor Alfred Vargas and he’s dressed for the occasion, er, season. Well, almost. Plus he brings a gift! Alfred Vargas is one of the exclusive actors of GMA-7, with starring roles in the station’s afternoon soaps. He has gone sexy and daring before in the local underwear brand Walker’s photo book, and he’s coming out in another one early next year. A stint in Cosmopolitan [Phils.] magazine’s raunchy pages also established his sexy image as an actor.

Enchong Baby!

Enchong Dee is such a joy to look at, he is so freakin’ cute! The 20-year-old champion swimmer, who participated in the ASEAN and Asian Games as part of the Philippine team, is now busy in ABS-CBN as one of the resident cuties in afternoon soaps and variety shows.  Prior to joining showbiz, he was taking up Sports Management at the De La Salle University in Manila.  Too, he is one of the more prominent models of local brand Bench.  

Piolo is top Down Under

The bloke’s in his bathers and he is looking more spunky than ever! Top leading man Piolo Pascual has a new movie imaginatively titled Land Down Under [or is it Love Me Again?]and yes, it’s shot in Oz with some parts in Bukidnon, Northern Mindanao. The movie, which is slated for showing this holiday season, promises to “wow the audience with breathtaking cinematography” of the town of Impasug-ong in Bukidnon and the city of Darwin. Of course, it will also highlight the fact that Mr. Pascual is just so handsome, he has to appear shirtless in some parts of the movie. Good On-ya!

Baron Geisler is fit.

He’s the wild, wild boy in Philippine showbiz, which has seen him in his finest hour on tv drunk, distraught and demented.  At least he’s straight-out about it, unlike some actors.  Yet, while the maniacal-when-muddled streak seemed to have attached to the 28-year-old actor, he has been getting a lot of projects of late. After winning the Best Actor trophy for the brilliant movie, Jay at the Cinemalaya Film Festival, he was cast in the period movie Baler [an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival] and in the tv series Eva Fonda on ABS-CBN. And so it seems Baron Geisler is one hell of a lucky guy after all.