Joao Mapa goes nekkid!

Former teen heartthrob Joao Mapa is back in the scene and man, he is shedding his clothes! The 32-year-old actor is the lead in the independently-produced movie, Miss Taken, and he’s in two sizzling-hot scenes with girls named Mellow and Pia Peron.  In the 90s, his name was a household name but he suddenly disappeared from the scene. Turns out, he went back to school to finish a Fine Arts degree [at UST], put up exhibits, got married, and did stage plays. Prior to Miss Taken, he was in a gay-themed digital flick entitled Xerox

Lalamunan tonight!

Don’t forget to troop to the UP Film Institute later tonight for the premiere of Lalamunan, the new movie of Rico Barrera [in photo] and Jordan Herrera and Randolph Dungo plus a whole lot more guys.  Lalamunan is the story of marital rape and domestic violence and of course, gay loooove.  So, in case you are wondering now about the title which refers to the larynx – I think – and how it figures in the story, then let’s all go to the State U this evening and watch the big reveal. Lalamunan will be shown in theaters on 19 November.


Hey look! It’s Hero Angeles, erstwhile big star of ABS-CBN and now GMA talent. He’s in the cast of GMA’s new fantasy series on prime time, Luna Mystika. In Luna Mystika, he plays the bad guy Alguwas.  Although he plays support these days [he was in the hit series Dyesebel], Hero Angeles revealed that he’s grateful that his new home studio gave him a new lease on [showbiz] life. 

Coco is king!

Coco Martin has been called the “Prince of Indie Films,” and I’m curious as to the identity of the king.  I think he really is the king of independently-produced movies in the country, which movies became successful in the film festivals abroad.  Well, it helped that he did some gay-themed movies with nudity and all. Now, he wants to go commercial in ABS-CBN’s fantasy shows and soaps.  After all, indie flicks don’t pay that much and he has to earn his keep. Nevertheless, Coco Martin is still very much in the indie circuit as his art films Next Attraction [with Daybreak co-actor Paolo Riveroand OFW, will be shown next year.

Rico Barrera bares

Rico Barrera finally gets his due as an actor via the indie flick with a gay theme,  Lalamunan. The 27-year-old former model and bikini-pageant veteran is one of the lead actors in the movie, which promises to showcase Rico’s talents and assets. I’m not kidding. The premiere night is on Thursday, 13 November at the UP Film Institute while regular showing is on 19 November at selected theaters. Mark the dates guys!

Luis Manzano accepts gay role

The title is not really earth-shattering as the fact that local clothing brand Human has a line of underwear [see photo above], TV host, VJ and actor Luis Manzano has finally agreed to take on a gay role in a major movie with his popular mother.  This effectively dispels rumors that the 27-year-old actor is quite queasy on the matter of homosexual themes because of long-standing rumors associating him with his best friend in the biz, a diminutive actor-dancer.  For whatever it’s worth – and while the kissing-and-making-love-with-another-guy scenes are “being ironed out,” here’s hoping that Mr. Manzano will finally get his acting due in this movie part.

Reminder! Kurap tonight!

Tonight will be the premiere night of Kurap, the movie topbilled by Sherwin Ordonez. This movie is brought to you by the Sikil tandem of director Roni Bertubin and scriptwriter Ome Avellanosa.  If you have seen Sikil, which was noted for its lyrical presentment of rural gay love, then Kurap will have to be the opposite. It is a raw and fast-paced psycho-sexual picture of inner city, er, gay love.  Plus, the occasional and gratuitous show of skin, of course. Make it a date, tonight! Sherwin and the cast will be there, too.

Sherwin O!

Mainly because he is having a new movie, entitled Kurap [Blink], Sherwin Ordonez is doing the nekkid-guy-in-bed thing, to promote the indie flick about a small-time crook in inner city Manila who falls for a cunning journalist, as their lives spin, spiral towards a tragic ending in a romantically ruthless setting, dark and foreboding, oh, you have to see and feel the movie just so you will know what I’m saying, aside of course, from the visual treat of the boys – nasty, immodest and good-looking all – Dexter Castro, Jeff Luna, Rico Lazaro and this German-Filipino mestizo Christian Burke, plus Mr. Ordonez, who is such a revelation in his first movie outing [and lead role!] and I’m raving and ranting because I’m doubly excited about Mr. Ordonez taking on a serious role, as this movie will be shown uncut at the UP Film Institute on Saturday, November 8 with all the cast and crew in attendance, so I will see you there, too.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll take a vacation now and won’t be back till Monday. 

Jeff Luna in Kurap

The name of Jeff Luna‘s character in the new movie Kurap is Ratbu and I’m wondering why. Although Jeff Luna is playing support to Sherwin Ordonez in the new indie film by director Roni Bertubin, he gets to showcase his, uh, thespic skills and prowess [and, of course, more, to stress the point].  Kurap’ s blurb goes – In the blink of an eye, moral degradation, sexual awakening, deceit and deception will be exposed.  Corruption and greed will lead them to destruction.  Will their good intentions justify their tragic ends?  The movie will have its preem next week on November 8 [Saturday] at the UP Film Institute. See you all there with the cast!

Rayver Cruz gets noticed

Methinks Rayver Cruz has a lot of potential in showbiz once he stops trying to be consciously cute.  He is tall and quite good-looking, so he should block those studied and calculated moves as if he is still in the twinkie cupcakes mode.  Now that Starstudio magazine has included him in the list of “most sizzling boys under 23,” Rayver Cruz should take heed and move on to more serious yet cool roles.  I’m thinking too much, actually. 
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