Will strip for fame.

Will Sandejas of Sikil was one of the featured indie actors in the latest issue of Climax magazine. And he had revealing shots in there. Very. Like shaft, balls and stuff. Will Sandejas could very well package himself as a sexy singer [he was a Pinoy Idol semifinalist] or a very daring indie actor. Just the same, go buy the latest issue of Climax to see Will in all his glory. Sans the glans, of course.

Flaw. Less.

Although models and actors are expected to be physically perfect, or at least perceived to be flawless, the hard fact is – they are just humans after all, with those little flaws and imperfections.  So if you look closely at Rafael Rosell‘s body in the photo above, or maybe Jake Cuenca‘s infamous butt [Jake fanatics are blindly denying, as they argue that the camera had imperfections. Funny.], you would see the  lines, spots, and scars that make them humans after all.  And nobody’s perfect.  The incredibly handsome-and-great-bod trick that you got last weekend probably had halitosis, undescended testicles, organic smell in his pubic area, athlete’s foot, jock itch or a tiny weiner.  And then again, a puny pee-pee would have to be another story.

Sam Milby danced half-naked..

..a week ago, in the Sunday noontime show, ASAP.  I rarely watch tv, and when I turned it on last week, there came images of Mr. Milby dancing half-naked on screen.  And then, he had this big trampoline in the studio where he did attempts at double and triple Axels. I nearly forgot, he used to be a figure skater. It was hot, but I was not expecting he’d do that.  


The UP Film Institute is holding move-over screenings for this year’s Cinemalaya. One of the movies that will be screened is Cris Pablo’s Quickie, starring Andro Morgan and newcomer Topher Baretto. It’s the story of a family breadwinner who discovers the joys and thrills of quick sex from chance encounters, as an escape from the harsh realities of life.  That is, until one chance encounter deepens into a relationship.  Quickie will be shown on August 23 [Saturday] 7.30 pm. Uncut, of course.

James Blanco is rich!

I’m just thinking out loud, don’t mind me: So I’m reading this glossy showbiz rag, and I saw this beautiful house with modern lines and crisp geometries. Turns out, it’s the new house of erstwhile teenybopper James Blanco, who’s now married with kids. And I’m wondering – with envy, of course, how the 5’8″-tall actor put up such a big house. Remember he quit school [B.S. Marketing at PSBA-Quezon City] eight years ago just to pursue his showbiz career. And he made just a handful of movies. And he is now a bit player on tv. His family must have been rich. His father must have taken care of his money very well. He must have made use of his Smart, Metro Pacific and PLDT stocks. I dunno. I’m just thinking out loud, don’t mind me.


I’m back! I think I missed a lot. I might be doing these weekend getaways for quite some time. Which means lesser entries on Saturdays and Sundays. Let’s see, what did I miss? Ah! Jake Cuenca was spotted, I mean, seen at the Bench Blackout show last Friday. And he didn’t grab his crotch at the show [as what he usually does in the past Bench shows], but he sure was cheeky this time.

The young and the shirtless 2

Both started out as models and as contestants in glitzy bikini contests before hopping on the showbiz bandwagon as actors and hosts.  But their stories are now studies in contrast.   AJ Dee [left] used to be the most-favored boy in ABS-CBN before fading into oblivion.  Now, he’s merely doing theater and some occasional cameos in movies. On the other hand, Victor Basa is more busy with shows and gigs in ABS-CBN plus some independent movies on the side.

Piolo abs

If Sam Milby is in the previous post, of course Piolo Pascual can’t be that far behind.  Fresh from his appearance as the first Filipino actor invited to the Paris Cinema International Film Festival, Piolo Pascual will next be seen as the hunk-ender at the Bench Blackout show.  Which just means, that if you are the main man in the finale, you are that important!

Jay in demand

There’s a movie in Cinemalaya 2008 that is  giving film critics something to talk about. Writer-director-producer Francis Xavier Pasion’s Jay is the story of two Jays – one living, and the other dead. According to the director: “The film defamiliarizes the operations of media, tv in particular, in bringing us their stories.  It shows how media can subtly give us their own version of the truth.” Too, although there are gay characters in the movie, the first-time director clarifies that this is not a gay movie. Baron Geisler [photo above, left], who is co-starring with Coco Martin, reportedly had a frontal nudity scene “which was integral to the story.” I think the next schedule of Jay will be on Saturday July 19, 3.30 pm at the CCP MKP Hall.

Dingdong prepares for Blackout

Newest celebrity endorser of Bench, Dingdong Dantes is busy bulking up for the Blackout show next week at the Araneta Coliseum.  He is reportedly doing the grand opening number, and many are wondering now what he’ll wear for the show.  Note that he was a bit modest during his launch earlier this year –  shirtless and in jeans.  Hopefully, Dingdong will drop the pants this time.
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