Mano Mano: Michael Roy Jornales

Michael Roy Jornales is one of the featured fighters in ABS-CBN’s rip-off of The Contender – Pinoy Mano Mano. Michael Roy was first seen as the grand winner of Little Dreamboy, a kids’ talent and personality show on the now-defunct SangLinggo nAPO Sila noontime show on ABS-CBN. He disappered for a while, and recently reappeared on rival station GMA 7 as one of the martial arts experts on the hit fantasy series Encantadia. Now he is back on ABS-CBN as one of the contenders in the boxing show. He is into mixed martial arts and he considers it his advantage in the contest.

Jake Cuenca is the new Palos

With photos sent in by the mysterious harrychuachika [no more Harry pics?] , crotch-clutcher Jake Cuenca is the new Palos, the 60’s komiks character popularized by Bernard Bonnin. Palos is an adaptation of the Alyas Palos franchise of LVN Pictures, where the main character was a slippery Jame Bond-like mercenary with state-of-the-art skills.

Mike Tan in X-Ray Calendar!

Hot and hairy Mike Tan [Jan Michael S. Tan in the real world] is droolworthy in the 2008 X-Ray Calendar Magazine, as he gets caught in brassy poses in numerous spreads. To see more of the 20-year-old winner of GMA 7’s Starstruck 2 , grab a copy of the calendar magazine at CV Magazines in Landmark Makati or at any Booksale outlet in the metro. For those embarrassed to buy a large calendar [it is the size of two ordinary magazines put side by side] with naked men, the friendly staff at CV Magazines in Landmark can cover it up for you in plain paper, or Booksale personnel can discreetly wrap it in two white plastic bags.

Dennis Trillo doesn’t go to the gym

New daddy Dennis Trillo is on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health [Philippines] magazine. He revealed that he does not go to the gym to develop his physique. He has his own DIY exercise regimen, which includes boxing for cardio, pushups and two sets of dumbbell exercises for his arms, chest and upper body. For the cover shoot, he did a month-long “100 pushups a day, 50 Arnold’s presses with 15-pound dumbbells, twenty pull-ups, and another twenty close-grips.” It looks like his routine did wonders for his diminutive frame.

Clean-cut: Leandro Munoz

Last seen in a Fathers’ Day episode this year of Channel 2’s Maalaala Mo Kaya, opposite Sam Milby, Leandro Munoz was one of the more serious young actors of his time who showed a lot of potential. He was a Close-Up toothpaste commercial model before he was launched in 1999 as a Star Circle member. That same year, he was the Philippine Movie Press Club’s Male Actor of the Year. He did a couple of big-hit movies before migrating to the US [in LA] in 2002 with his equally-cute brothers, Carlo and Angelo. Leandro has a pre-teen daughter from a previous relationship.

Jason Abalos checks his laundry

Jason Abalos is showing signs of promise. While his contemporaries from ABS-CBN’s Star Circle Quest [he got eliminated early in the contest] have faded, the 20-year-old actor has been very visible on tv and the movies of late. He was last seen in the mainstream movie My Kuya’s Wedding and in the Cinemalaya Best Film nominee Endo [short for “end of contract”], where his acting was noticed by critics. Blessed with good moreno looks, the 5’10”-tall native of Nueva Ecija province has, however, stated in a recent interview that he will go sexy when his body becomes “fully developed.”

John Estrada’s derriere

Actor and Bench underwear model John Estrada may have been the first celebrity to reveal that he had butt enhancement procedure. While he has been legendarily blessed in the anterior, his posterior before was reportedly flat as a pancake. A kind reader from the East Coast wanted to share the photos of this guy’s butt enhancement through hydrogel in his new blog at

Chipper: Yul Servo

At the 2005 Famas Awards, the first person that Best Actor winner [for Milan] Piolo Pascual thanked was his “bro” Yul Servo. Of course, this did not escape the catty showbiz writers that night. Yul Servo is John Marvin Nieto in real life, who got his screen name from director Maryo J. delos Reyes [Yul from Yul Brynner and Servo from the director’s favorite waiter in Greenhills]. The multi-awarded actor [Best Actor for films Batang Westside, Naglalayag and Laman] apparently comes from a good family, as his family and home were recently featured in the popular online showbiz site, And back to Piolo Pascual, in a recent interview in metroHim magazine, Mr. Pascual casually mentioned that he’d “like to do something like what Yul did.” He was referring, of course, to the theater experience of Yul Servo, who previously appeared in Gantimpala Theater Foundation and Tanghalang Pilipino stage plays.

Jet Rai, active in showbiz again

After his much-publicized past as a model-turned-hermit-in-the-mountains, Amarjit Rai aka Jet Rai aka Jet Alcantara is back in showbiz, although without the fanfare. The 6’3″-tall model-turned-actor just wrapped up the critically praised digital movie, Ataul [Coffin]: For Rent. The last movie he did prior to this was the queer flick Bathhouse in 2005, where he bared some skin. Jet Rai started out as a model, and always the first runner-up in male contests such as the SM Man of the Year in 1997 [he lost to a fresh-faced medical student named Charles Constantino] and the Mr. World-Philippines. He was said to have gone to the hills and practiced the life of a hermit before going back to do Bathhouse.

Whatever happened to AJ Dee?

There was a time when he was the most-favored boy in the backlot of ABS-CBN, causing many to wonder and speculate on a powerful person behind his good fortune. Now, the 25-year-old Angel James “AJ” Dee III has no projects on tv and he goes about town bemoaning this fact. Has he fallen of flavor, er, favor with his meal ticket inside the network? AJ Dee used to be a model [he was runner-up to Brent Javier in the Mossimo Bikini Summit] before doing tv and the movies. He is now waiting it out by doing the theater – currently in the production of Portrait of the Artist as Filipino.
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