The younger one on the left is Adrian Asor while the other’s Bembol Cabasal. They competed against each other three years ago and Adrian edged out Bembol for the Bikini Frenzy title. Back then Bembol was already old [in bikini open years, yeah], late 20s actually, and yet he was still packing it in with a hot bod and nice physique. Bikini open season is coming in a few months and let’s see who’s bringing in the goods in itsie-bitsie teeny weenie bikinis!

Arousing Adrian Asor

Harry Chua‘s runner-up last year at the Heatwave 2007 bikini contest, Adrian Asor is making waves these days. The twenty-three year old freelance model was the shortest in his batch, but he went on to win one of the top three prizes at the Manila Leg of the Infinit’ Party Series bikini contest called Hot Bods. It seems we will be seeing more of Adrian Asor in the next few months as the hot, hot summer continues.

Bikini Frenzy! Adrian Asor

Twenty-two year old Adrian Asor started out as a teen model for tv and print commercials, before donning the teenie-weenie bikini [and winning the title] at the Bikini Frenzy 2007 contest, the first bikini competition held at Ricky Reyes’ Golden Sunset Resort and Spa in Calatagan, Batangas. A few days after winning the title, he went back to Manila to join the Heatwave 2007 [another summer bikini outing], where he finished runner-up to Harry Chua [ see previous post].