Drool, Pant, Wet


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He is a familiar face in the personality contest circuit. Twenty-year-old studentĀ AJ Cruz is quite cute and beefy in some ways. Expect to see more of him next season when the sexy guys hop from one bikini open to another with the hope of getting reasonable deals in their modeling and showbiz careers.


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Isn’t he the cutest bikini open contestant ever? That crooked naughty smile, actually. It helps thatĀ AJ Cruz has a smokin’ hot body, too. During the bikini open season, the 22-year-old hottie goes around the metro and the provinces in his tiny-tight skivvies. When he’s not busy competing, AJ’s one of the featured Bikini Boys on Saturday nights in the dance club, Bed.

Bikini and Wings


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Howzabout a bikini boy with wings?