Full frontal

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Everybody has a sex video: they have a video and he has video! Somewhere in the worldwide web (and in my Western Digital storage), there is a tattooed wanker – literally – who looks like ex-varsity baller and now-NYC model AJ Hanson.  I can’t believe you’d think we  would show anything of the kind here, so here are some photos of AJ looking modest and proper. After all, just what kind of site do you think this is?


IMG_0897 copyIt’s always a visual delight to see tall and appealing guys on the ramp. Of course, the bonus would be the upper-torso nudity and chest, the abs and long legs. AJ Hanson is probably our best model export yet – he’s in New York trying his luck in the crowded field out there. So far, with a little help from his friend and benefactor, he’s surviving. I meant that in a good way, of course.

Exposed to warmth and light

Lately, the weather’s been acting up. At times, the rains fall like someone went batty up above. Sometimes the sun inflicts too much heat. I prefer the rainy-windy weather – cold and bleak, at times passionless. But if it’s top male model Adryan Hanson under the roasting sun, lounging under the flare [or at least, enduring the heat], I think I wouldn’t mind the, uh, hotness, at all.

In B & W

AJI haven’t tried posting black-and-white photos, but there’s always a first time. Maybe it will work a la Herb Ritts.  Although the bright colors have been removed, I think they’ll do just fine highlighting the male beaut. First photo is ex-varsity baller and now-model AJ Hanson, who’s a favorite of The Old Queen whenever he/it visits New York City.

derekAnd then there’s Derek Ramsay, who’s relevant again because he has a movie coming up. Of course, he’s always relevant in the biz, as long as he takes off his shirt and flashes his sweaty abs anytime!

ENCHONGSpeaking of relevance, popular actor Enchong Dee is also in black and white, drawing attention to his fine little-boy features.

hideoOne of our favoritest Brazilians overstaying-in-town Hideo Muraoka is flashing those sturdy limbs and gams. He can stay in this country forever, I wish!

TomasTom Rodriguez is the actor-of-the-hour with his take on the leading-man role in GMA’s best bet in prime time ratings, Marimar. In one of his promo photos, he’s all-too sexy even if it’s in black and white.

JesseSomeraTo prove to you that B & W works also in sexy shots, here’s a photo of Filipino-American model Jesse Somera, giving us a glimpse of his bright future in the industry. If it’s in B&W, it must be artsy (even if there’s male nudity)!

Apple of the eye

adryanI figured with the nekkid guys in the sidebar for your daily dose of sleaze, I might just post here in the main area shirtless images of model-of-the-hour Adryan Hanson from Cebu. You see, he’s all set to conquer New York and LA with modeling gigs, thanks to representation from a big agency in the US. In the meantime, he’s in town to be with his rich friend. Friends.

Model Varsity

Aj Hanson

So let’s take a break from all these basketball talk and turn our attention to 6’5″-tall male model AJ Hanson. I’ve always liked him – fine bod, nice face and quiet demeanor. And while he used to play for the National University Bulldogs [sorry, I couldn’t get past the basketball connection yet, tee-hee], AJ is now swamped with runway offers. Thanks to his good looks and height, he’s booking all the major shows this season.

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the hottest of them all Mercator models? Well, this is the best in the backyard of one of the top agencies in town. There’s AJ Hanson lying in front.  Nat Kiefer is standing at Hideo Muraoka‘s right. The skinny model at the back is Terrence Lloyd. Seated in the middle is ex-fatso John Daryl Rose. The dark-skinned one at the back of model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii is Jovic Susim, part actor. Tattoed guy is newbie Rob Ricafort, behind the only guy in shorts Edward Raven. Rightmost guy is 18-year-old Kevin Redder, all of 6’2″ and a budding model. Who’s your best bet?

Century Boys

These are the best boys in this year’s edition of the Century Tuna Superbods, which will have its finals night on 14 April 2012. Let’s see…From left: 20-year-old student and varsity basketball player of the National University, AJ Hanson; 21-year-old student and model JC Rezabek; 20-year-old Hotel and Restaurant Management student from Davao, Ken Loceo; 25-year-old entrepreneur JP Yap; 23-year-old football player and model Charlie Sutcliffe; and, 24-year-old ex-US Marine and model John Spainhour. Who’s your winner among the boys?